Nintendo Unleashes Surprise Indie Launches For the Switch This August 2020

Nintendo Unleashes Surprise Indie Launches For the Switch This August 2020 2
Nintendo has returned in with a new, but heavier Indie World showcase for August 2020, revealing a significant amount of 3D platformers and farming management games which are also available today.
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Supergiant Games unveiled an anime-style trailer for hack-and-slash game Hades, which sees players defeating mythical enemies in a hellish landscape. But players are also expected to die in order to overcome increasingly complex levels. As a rogue-like dungeon crawler, players become the prince of the underworld, who attempts to escape Hell and reach the surface world. Each death also sends players back as they upgrade themselves for another escape attempt. Existing PC players can also bring their progress over to the Switch version with cross save. The game is expected to launch for the system in the coming months during Fall 2020.

90’s FMV game HypnoSpace Outlaw will be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch, sizing down its vintage computer-surfing experience across different websites with different puzzles. As an Enforcer, players will be scouring the weird wide web to fight viruses and solve challenges that come from philshing scams, cyberbullying and other audacious internet crimes. They will also be confronting hackers in a blend of procedural detective-work to open and close every case. HypnoSpace Outlaw‘s Switch port will be coming on August 27, 2020. Pre-orders and a downloadable demo are also available from the Nintendo eShop now.

Nintendo Unleashes Surprise Indie Launches For August 2020 2

A wholesome trailer was shown for Spiritfairer, developed by Canadaian-based studio Thunder Lotus. The game shows a young girl living with a variety of fantasy animals she befriends, until she is left alone to manage a realm between the living and the dead. Through a 2D open-ended world, players will be tending to hotels, gardens and restaurants to make spirits as cozy as possible before they make their way to the heavens. Players will also charter a boat that will take the spirits to their destination while collecting valuable resources to upgrade their realm. Spiritfarer surprise launches today for the Nintendo Switch.

“Wholesome action-adventure” game Garden Story by Rose City Games is a top-down platformer that puts players in the weeds as a garden curator. They will also have to navigate through dark dungeons in search of valuables to re-grow their community and protect it from invasive plants. The game is also set in a chibi-style 16-bit world players will be exploring with the rest of their town’s cute citizens. Garden Story is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Aquatic survival game Subnautica is finally making its way onto the Nintendo Switch, bringing its tense gameplay into the system with optimized visuals. Players take on a a galactic explorer who crash-lands into a hostile backwater planet with no help from anyone. They will also need to explore the depths of this mysterious planet to establish a base and collect resources in order to build your way off. But players are also hunted by Subnautica‘s alien fish, who regularly pose a threat to their mission. Adding to the survival elements include managing oxygen levels and personal health with food and energy.

Nintendo also announced its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero which builds on the previous game with a new frozen setting. Players will have more to do as they try to stay warm in a new ice planet filled with even more dangers on the surface than in the waters. Both games are coming to the Switch Early 2021.

Nintendo Unleashes Surprise Indie Launches For August 2020 1
Takeshi & Hirosh

Stop-motion animated cutscenes set the story for Oink Games’ Takeshi & Hiroshi, which features a turn-based RPG experience for players. But the game is also connected within a tale, centered on a sibling as he entertains his ill sibling with video games. Players are thrown between the RPG fantasy adventure and an unfolding narrative around both brothers as they grapple the realities of life together. Takeshi & Hiroshi surprise launches today for the Nintendo Switch.

Nodding Heads Games debuted their Raji: An Ancient Epic, a 3D action adventure platforming game set in ancient India. Players become a young heroine who must embark on a quest to save her loved ones. But standing in her way are enemies rooted deep in Indian mythology, with Hindu and Balinese elements as part of the universe’s intricate design. Its cutscenes are also made in shadow-puppet animation with inspirations from developers sharing their classic bedtime stories. Players will also be using weapons, including a mythical staff and magical bow to fight enemies as they navigate across large temples. Raji surprise launches as a timed exclusive on the Nintendo Switch today.

Air BnB fans can finally test out their skills at creating their own in Bear and Breakfast, which sees players becoming a new manager of their own establishment. Starting off with a barren campground, players will have to work their way up in sprucing up the area for customers through building lodges, restaurants and other amenities. As friendly bear Hank, they will also be collecting resources and exploring new areas to expand their enterprise with. Each room can also be customized while customers continue to provide a steady income. Bear & Breakfast is coming as a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Nintendo Unleashes Surprise Indie Launches For August 2020 3
Torchlight III

Action RPG sequel Torchlight III throws players back into dungeons with a team to defeat hordes of enemies and become the mightiest plunderer in all the lands. The game is confirmed to be launching on the Nintendo Switch for Fall 2020.

Optical-illusion puzzle game Manifold Garden by Willian Chyr Studio brings players into a new first-person experience in an artwork-inspired universe. Each puzzle is also challenged by perspective, requiring players to see things outside the box in order to make it to the next level. Mind-bending puzzles are also manipulated by gravity, while some puzzles with infinite loops can also trick players into an endless cycle of questions. Manifold Garden releases later today for the Nintendo Switch.

Untitled Goose Simulator is getting a multiplayer mode, letting fans of the base game wreak havoc on some poor citizens with a friend. As two geese, both work together to terrorize the town, one objective at a time. These also require players to distract NPCs as the other geese navigates elaborately-designed areas with hidden items. Both can also roam around the open spaces together and plot their ghastly plots. New levels require geese to carry heavy objects together and help each other sneak through varieties of levels. Oh, and players can also bully the glasses kid together.

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