Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Showcased in Nintendo Treehouse

Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Showcased in Nintendo Treehouse 2
Nintendo offered some new details around the upcoming Pikmin 3 Deluxe port for the Switch and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity over a livestream with developers.
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Team members at Monolith Soft and Nintendo didn’t hesitate in giving viewers raw gameplay from the Pikmin 3 Deluxe campaign, showing off numerous gameplay refinements including a gyroscope and remastered visuals. The Wii-U features are also nearly intact in the Switch version and focuses on an expansive world over a bird’s eye view. This gives players and Alph direction in guiding legions of Pikmin to overcome obstacles across sets of levels. Players are also going on a “nature safari” adventure which features large creatures guarding gates. But the tiny Pikmin are stronger in numbers, giving players different abilities to put enemies to sleep and locate lost astronauts who crash-landed in a new world. Alph is on a mission to locate his teammates while harnessing the local wildlife in traditional platforming fashion. But the world of PNF-404 is somewhat connected to our reality, with objects like giant strawberries being key items.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe also features intricate boss battles which test players’ resourcefulness with their pikmin types. Special types including Rock Pikmin can destroy other solid elements and can be plucked in certain spots to build a small army. Like the Wii-U version, a remapped control scheme is easily visible at the bottom of the Nintendo Switch screen for easy access. The controls also carry over to multiple Captains, including Britney who can be accessed with shortcuts. Having two characters even includes a coop feature. Two players can control Britney and Alph respectively, with a split screen giving full autonomy over the Pikmin. To complete objectives, players can divide and conquer. Tasks such as fetching resources go towards building bridges for advancing levels. Pikmin 3‘s backtracking was also addressed by Nintendo and the Switch version now includes shortcuts which can take players back to where they started.

Much of the Deluxe version’s exploration is also tied to shooting, which literally encourages players to hurl innocent pikmin at enemies for damage. Of course, other types feature their own strength. The rock pikmin also gave viewers a taste of element weaknesses, including fire lighting a fuse on their friends. They can also be studied as part of the new encyclopedia logbook. Enemy and creatures are logged, while players can read them to spot weaknesses. Nintendo has now used the feature to include combat hints and the types of tasks pikmin can carry out.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe And Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Showcased In Nintendo Treehouse
Pikmin 3 Deluxe – Nintendo

Bingo Battle is a mode which pits two players against each other by collecting resources in a scavenger hunt. Players are given a bingo card of resources, forcing explorers to set out and collect specific ones. The resources will also be chained together to complete a row on the bingo card. According to Nintendo, a “deep strategy” encourages players to grow their squads of pikmin before choosing where to lead them. It’s worth noting that the opposing pikmins will attack each other and whittle squad numbers when they’re too close. Collecting enough cherries can activate an item roulette wheel which gifts players special items to turn the tide of battle. Players can also use this to temporarily disable opponents’ pikmin.

Captain Olimar returns from the original Nintendo games as a playable character in Side Stories. Olimar is in debt to employers and struggles to keep his business afloat as he explores new places. The levels bring players back to the traditional games under a time limit. Players also have to collect as much resources as they can under 12 minutes with all of the red, blue and yellow pikmin unlocked immediately. The yellow pikmin can overcome electrical fences and destroy other shocking obstacles. The red pikmin are less effective against harder enemies featured in Side Stories. But they can also be brought back and grow exponentially with the help of blue pikmin who can survive in water. This is where players can harvest the best resources underwater, including gold nuggets which can increase Pokos. Pikmin can also kidnap defeated enemies as resources, with the legion carrying them into the spaceship. Side stories features coop multiplayer, but single players have the ability to switch to Louie and collect more resources by multitasking.

A Nintendo eShop demo for Pikmin 3 Deluxe is also coming to the Nintendo Switch ahead of its October 30, 2020 release date. Beating the demo’s boss unlocks a bonus spicy mode for the full game.

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo’s Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is the next crossover Dynasty Warriors game for the Nintendo Switch, which doubles as a prequel to the acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Its new gameplay video jumped into the cel-shaded third person combat players have come to know. Playing as Urbosa, players can use her sword and blend devastating lighning attacks. She can also charge a power gauge to buff her heavy attacks.

As a Dynasty Warriors game in the Zelda universe, players will be clashing with different factions including the Yiga. Fans will also be playing a canon story in its single player campaign while defending Hyrule from enemies before “the great calamity” event. As a game set 100 years back, Nintendo has also given players a chance to play as Impa. Her younger self moves fast and has the ability to teleport in short paces. Impa can even show time down and execute more flurry attacks against larger enemies like the Hinox.

Players will also be controlling the four divine champions for the first time as well as Princess Zelda who attacks with the Sheikah slate. Familiar elements including the blue bomb, freeze, camera and magnesis have been weaponized. They can also be mixed in light and heavy attacks for hundreds of Yiga troops on screen and mini-bosses. The stream also switched across multiple players who can fight armies together online or locally. It’s worth noting the co-operative mode works for the campaign, which plays brand new cutscenes in and out of battles. The new pieces of lore will ultimately fill in the gaps for Link’s memories and lead up to his tragic slumber.

Custom multiplayer modes can also be set up using the game’s map, taken directly from Breath of the Wild. Select places including the blacksmith can let players buy weapons and upgrade others. With unbreakable weapons, players can continue to invest in their favourite choices and mix/match between characters. Recipes and eating return from the original game as well. Resources gathered from battles are ingredients for potions, perks and other buffs to enhance characters before the start of a battle. Other materials can be used to help villagers in side quests, including some world-building levels that can unlock more locations. Unlockable clothes, armor and equipment are gifted from progression. However, Link is the only confirmed character to have customization. Oh and the iconic soup ladle and pot lid shield are unlockable and upgradeable to weapons of mass destruction.

Players can also use shortcuts for equipment and food in battle. The game freezes as Link chooses a dish and gains a power up. The sheikah slate is also bound to some commands. While bombs can clear out enemies in the front, freeze blocks can make players jump his and dodge ground attacks. Hitting crowds in the right spot can trigger a moment of weakness and give players more time to hurl equipment. Flurry attacks from Breath of the Wild are back, letting players launch multiple attacks against bosses or legions in slow motion.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 20, 2020 while players with a save file from Breath of the Wild can unlock the wooden training sword.

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