Nordic Games Saves Intergalactic IPs

The classic game IP Imperium was on the verge of being lost due to many issues, but Nordic Games have come to the rescue. In an announcement today, Nordic Games have acquired the right to Imperium Galactica, Black Knight Sword, Sine Mora, and more.

With this move, they will not only preserve these licences for future people to ensure but will have the options to push forward with these IP’s if they so choose.

The full list of IP’s includes:

Bang Bang Racing (PC, XBL, PSN, Android)
• Black Knight Sword (XBL, PSN)
• Skydrift (PC, XBL, PSN)
• Sine Mora (PC, XBL, PSN, PSVita, iOS, Android)
• Imperium Galactica (PC)
• Imperium Galactica II (PC, iOS, Android)
• Liberty Wings (iOS)
• Ubrain (iOS)
• Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile iOS

With this move, nordic games will leave day-to-day operations in Vienna Austria where they will handle day-to-day operations including sales and distribution, evaluation of sequels and new content. It is always good to see games saved from the brink, and if Nordic Games track record so far is any indication, they should be in good hands.

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