NUKKLEAR Development Studio Awarded Epic MegaGrant for New Game Fog & Silver

| December 15, 2021
NUKKLEAR Development Studio Awarded Epic MegaGrant for New Game Fog & Silver 1

A new IP by German Developer NUKKLEAR, not only receives a green light, the game company gets an Epic MegaGrant to proceed with production.

NUKKLEAR is a development studio known for original fun ideas such as Destroy All Humans and co-developing with Funcom on the upcoming Dune survival game, and they’ve announced that they have received an Epic MegaGrant to the tune of $25,000 USD in support of developing their new IP Fog & Silver.

The Epic MegaGrant is given to developers that have shown true innovation in the realm of 3D graphical design. This is a huge boon for the developer as not only is the award prestigious, it lends credence to the development of their title, as the huge publisher Epic Games is behind the award process.

Fog & Silver comes equipped with a completely original storyline and the idea that is novel in premise and utilizes some iconic characters, real and fictional. The setting is 19th century Europe, and as the player controls a ragtag band of some of science’s greatest minds known as the Exalted, such as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and the two personalities Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, the confrontation with the occult hits a boiling point. It remains to be seen if these egos can work together to achieve a similar goal, the salvation of humanity.

The title by NUKKLEAR features some really precise and strong voice acting, as the trailer shows, and a stylish approach to the time period. Not only will your team need to contend with the law, but there will also be supernatural enemies to best, and abilities to wield.

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There are many Exalted to recruit and control in this title, with a control scheme very similar to a Baldur’s Gate. There will be a hub that functions as a base of operations for the player’s Exalted team, and many missions will be available to undertake in this rich environment caressed by 19th century gothic styling.

CEO of NUKKLEAR, Kirk Lenke said “It’s quite the honour to receive such positive feedback from one of the largest game companies in the world,” including “The Epic MegaGrant has given us additional financial support for the project, but more than that, it has reinforced that what we are doing is something really special. Our team has been hard at work on Fog & Silver for quite some time now, and we are happy that we can finally share some of it with the world!”

This game has a very novel idea, and hopefully, NUKKLEAR will share more soon. Fans can add the title to their Steam wishlist page today.

Fans can also stay tuned to their official website, and follow the official NUKKLEAR Facebook for further news and updates for this exciting title.

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