NZXT Launches BLD, Easy DIY Gaming PC

NZXT Launches BLD, Easy DIY Gaming PC

BLD, or Build from NZXT has launched.

BLD promises in delivering consumers with a custom tailored set of parts that have already been tested and verified to perform to a high standard when it comes to gaming performance. NZXT is targeting those who want a powerful gaming rig, but do not have the time to research each and every individual part. BLD are leveraged on over 10 million and counting gaming hours which run through a special engine that determines the gaming capabilities of each and every custom BLD rig. On their official release of the BLD system, CEO of NZXT Johnny Hou, had this to say:

“BLD features a brand new approach for those who want a DIY PC to play the PC games the way they without having to invest a lot of time. Because we’re PC gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we know what fellow gamers need out of their systems and our recommendation engine built upon millions of gaming sessions makes this easy. Simply tell us the games you want to play and we will do the rest, we’re proud to be the first to offer the ultimate advantage over the rigid prebuilt configurations of the past, all at price points that make sense. At NZXT, we’re gamers who don’t like to compromise on quality and customization, so we don’t want our customers to either.”

Consumers interested in purchasing a BLD system start by choosing up to 3 games, then specifically stating the budget they want to spend on the machine, NZXT’s BLD engine will then benchmark and give the best recommendation on what to purchase. Finally, consumers will be able to choose what kind of case they want, with additional accessories such as RGB light strips and any other final upgrades before their order gets built and shipped out.

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