Pennywise Actor Bill Skarsgard Has An Idea For It: Chapter Three’s Story

| Sep 16, 2019
Pennywise Actor Bill Skarsgard Has An Idea For It: Chapter Three’s Story

It: Chapter Two is raking in ticket sales in theatres, and both the director and the man behind the monster clown are thinking of another installment.

With director Andy Muschietti’s Stephen King adaptation It having made $700 million at the global box office and the follow-up It: Chapter Two, which told the second half of the story, surpassing $300 million in its first two weeks of release, there have been idle thoughts on whether Muschietti and his team could move forward with a hypothetical It: Chapter Three. The story of the Losers Club and their encounters with the evil clown Pennywise has been told, but Pennywise is merely the guise of a monster who has been around for a long time, so a third film could tell a story that takes place before their meeting.

Pennywise Actor Bill Skarsgard Has An Idea For It: Chapter Three’s Story
Bill Skarsgard

Muschietti and Bill Skarsgard, the actor who plays Pennywise, have both expressed interest in digging deeper into King’s book to find inspiration for a third film… and it sounds like they already know what and It: Chapter Three could be. 

Speaking with Arrow In The Head’s Eric Walkuski, Skarsgard indicated that he and Muschietti have an It 3 story in mind that they’re excited about: 

“Andy and I have discussed ideas for what a third movie would look like. I don’t think it’s quite what people expect. It’s something different. The first two stories are the book, and the second film is the end of that story. So we would do something quite literally off book. There are a few ideas floating around. I feel like I’ve done what I can with the incarnation of Pennywise as we know of him, so I think it would be a cool idea to change up a few things. So, without going into too much detail, there is a story that we’re kind of excited about, but it’s way too early to say. But we’ll see, we’ll see.”

It: Chapter Two is currently raking in the cash in theatres, so it might not be long before we hear that New Line Cinema wants Muschietti and Skarsgard to carry on with the franchise. We’ll keep you posted on any major developments.

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