Phasmophobia Gets a Big New Update In Time For Halloween

Phasmophobia Gets a Big New Update In Time For Halloween

Phasmophobia has received a massive spooky update, just in time for the Halloween season. Players can expect a new map, new ghosts, and more.

The full patch notes for version 0.4.0 of Phasmophobia have been posted on Steam, and there’s a wealth of changes and fixes coming to the game. However, the real news is the wide array of additions coming, first of which is a brand new medium-sized map called Maple Lodge Campsite. Here’s how the patch notes describe it “Maple Lodge Campsite has more unique objects, higher object density and more visual detail. Minimum specification computers should have no issues, but if you have outdated hardware you may see FPS drops.”

Phasmophobia Gets A Big New Update In Time For Halloween

The game is making some small changes to each difficulty mode, while also adding a brand new Nightmare difficulty, which will be the “most intense gameplay Phasmophobia has to offer.” Below are the details on the mode,

  • Ghosts will not reveal one type of evidence
  • The ghost will sometimes change its preferred room after moving
  • No setup time
  • Shortest hunt grace period
  • Long hunt duration
  • Kills extend the current hunt’s duration
  • Sanity pills restore much less sanity
  • Fuse box starts off
  • Almost no hiding places
  • Paranormal interference has damaged some of your monitoring equipment

One of the other big changes is a brand new weather system that can affect actual gameplay systems; for example change in temperature will make finding a ghost’s position more difficult, rain and wind will impair your hearing, and fog restricts visibility. At a glance, here are the other new additions to Phasmophobia, and check out the official patch notes for more info.

  • Several new ghost types have been sighted. These new ghost types have an increased chance to spawn for the duration of the Halloween event:
    • Onryo
    • The Twins
    • Obake
    • Raiju
  • When crouching, the players collider now shrinks to match the player model
  • Ghosts will now disrupt electronic equipment whenever they are visible
  • Ghosts can now blow out lighters similar to candles
  • Using the walkie-talkie will now attract the ghost during hunts
  • The walkie-talkie will now only play static sounds when near the ghost
  • Lighters and candles will now extinguish when outside in heavy rain and when thrown
  • The truck map screen has received new icons
  • The ghost can now interact with several showers in certain locations
  • You can now place sound and motion sensors on floors

Updates like this will likely continue to happen for a good while, considering the game is still technically in early access. Phasmophobia is currently only available on PC and Android devices.

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