Phasmophobia Players Getting Scares from Hackers

Spookier for the wrong reasons

Phasmophobia Players Getting Scares from Hackers 1

Phasmophobia, the breakout ghost-hunting game dominating Twitch and YouTube are getting some much-needed fixes from developer Kinetic Games as hackers are inserting multiple spirits into servers.

The game features a team of hunters as they try to spot out spirits in a couple of abandoned locales. From a house to a facility and asylum, an unfortunate sole player goes in while being guided by teammates in truck surveillance. This is where things start to go wrong as players can be hunted by the ghosts first. But while one ghost per map is expected, some hackers have found a way to add extra scares and manipulate Phasmophobia servers.

Hackers can also access private servers and send ghosts into the safe rooms as players are taking breaks. The events, corroborated by numerous Twitch streamers and players also generated confusion and unnecessary terror ahead of Spooktober’s End. A community of Phasmophobia hackers are allegedly open, with guides teaching users how to control servers while remaining unseen. The hacks also utilize the game’s code and developer commands, enabling users to generate any assets they want from the game. This also turns the thrilling experience into a nightmare for users who would never know if their session was taken over.

Phasmophobia Players Getting Scares From Hackers
Phasmophobia – Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia is a PC game which was launched in September 2020 as an Early Access title. This makes the game prone to bugs and loopholes as it continues in development towards a full release. Hackers have exploited much of its randomly-generated mechanics – something Kinetic Games has told its Discord server would be patched.

“We are aware that there has been a number of games that have been using third party tools (cheats) to modify the game. This includes changes such as increasing player limits, changing AI behaviour and simply increasing money or level,” the studio wrote in a community message, adding they knew the hacks came from simple applications and trainers connected to Phasmophobia‘s EXE file. “We cannot support this as it is causing a number of issues across the game, including the corruption of saved games and destabilizing the servers for other players.”

Kinetic also told players to use official servers, away from the game’s customizable modded ones against “unusual AI behavior.”

Clement Goh
Clement Goh

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