Planet Zoo Getting Koalas and Kangaroos in New Australia DLC

Planet Zoo Getting Koalas and Kangaroos in New Australia DLC
Planet Zoo, a park sim by RollerCoaster Tycoon and Elite Dangerous veterans Frontier Developments, have announced their latest Austrailia DLC for players to build with.

In a release, the Planet Zoo: Austrailia Pack will add brand new types of foilage, scenery and zoo building for players to use. Of course, the DLC features five iconic animals including the Koala, Red Kangaroo, Dingo, Southern Cassowary and Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard in an expanding library of exhibits. Park visitors will also have more variety through the animals, who can be categorized in a zoo’s southern hemisphere section.

Planet Zoo Getting Koalas And Kangaroos In New Australia Dlc 2
Planet Zoo – Frontier Developments

This is also complimented with the DLC’s fauna which could be added into existing exhibits for animals to interact and settle down with.

“Taking inspiration from the great outback, players can upcycle their zoos with a range of eye-catching zoo construction pieces, while spectacular fauna and flora evokes the beauty and wonder of contemporary Australian architecture,” Frontier wrote, adding the pack also lets players do this under new challenges in the game. “The latest PDLC also offers a new way to play with the brand-new timed scenarios, enabling players to put their zoo-keeping skills to the test as they race to complete objectives against the clock in these exciting time limited challenges.”

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Planet Zoo will also gain a free update alongside its Australia Pack, adding exotic animal colour variations to give their new exhibits a new shade. The update will finally let users select multiple staff at the same time, downplaying the game’s micromanagement mechanic and assigning specific roles to an employee. You can view the full details for the update here, while the DLC needs the original Planet Zoo base game to work.

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