Play! Pokémon Championship Series Returns For 2022 With Exciting Details

Play! Pokémon Championship Series Returns For 2022 With Exciting Details

The Pokémon Company gave fans some much-needed details about the 2022 Pokémon Championship Series, including Pokémon GO‘s first invite.

The Play! Pokémon Championship Series received a wealth of new information the company announced today, as titles, and events were outlined.

The championship series has been going strong since its inception in 2004, with only the Pokémon Trading Card Game taking place. Since then the wide variety of games from the Pokémon catalogue have been introduced with Pokken Tournament, the base games—this year it’s Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield—and finally, the introduction of Pokémon Go into the Championship Series has made the inclusion of all their featured titles a part of the exciting action.

Pokémon Sword &Amp; Shield - Battle Background
Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Play! Pokémon Championship Series brings trainers from around the world together in stiff competition. A series of Regional, International, and Special events are set up to allow intense battles for prizes and the title of Pokémon World Champion. Usually, these prizes have been in the form of currency, but travel prizes have also been instituted in the past.

All trainers who have participated and earned ranking points in the cancelled 2020 season due to the COVID pandemic will see their point totals added to this seasons rankings, but some players from that season may qualify for new divisions in 2022. This is understandably fair, considering the 2020 event was cancelled after a staggering nine months of play.

There are new guidelines for the community that detail the COVID-19 requirements for trainers. A highlight of these new rules being, “All present (players, audience, and staff) are to wear appropriate face coverings at all times,” which is technically a mandate for players to wear masks to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

For all of the details surrounding the exciting announcement, trainers could visit the Pokemon Company announcement on their website here.

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