PlayStation 4 Hits Gaming Milestone

| November 5, 2015
PlayStation 4 Hits Gaming Milestone - 2015-11-05 09:57:46

Sony has hit a gaming milestone making over 500 games available on the PS4.

According to a list on, the Playstation 4 has seen 516 games, both physical and digital, on its platform since its release in 2013. 264 of these titles are indie games, with the remaining 252 come from the major publishers.

This is a pretty amazing feat, considering in their respective lifespans, the PS2 had over 2000 games and the PS3 had only 1026. The fact that the PS4 is moving so quickly to match or possibly surpass the libraries of its predecessors in only two years is a pretty impressive feat. The list does exclude the PS Now games; a subscription based collection of PS3 games, players can access on their PS4.

But does a big library necessarily mean a good library? While I still maintain that the PS2 had the best game library of that console generation (and quite possibly of all time), in today’s market a huge library isn’t exactly hard to achieve. With the atmosphere of annualized franchises and sequels, many AAA developers have been playing it safe in the market, releasing the same games very quickly (you need only look at the Assassin’s Creed franchise as a prime example.) I only have about 15 games that I think are really worth having.

While the PS2’s library was a plethora of interesting, unique and risky choices, today’s market is oversaturated with familiarity, coupled with the many “re-releases” and “re-masters,” in a bid to turn a profit twice. However, this does only make up a small percentage of the PS4’s library, and I still maintain that the PS4 is a worthwhile system, due largely in-part to its library. The only thing the list fails to include is P.T (for obvious reasons) and really, it should be the only game in that library.

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