‘PlayStation Plus Video Pass’ Could Be Sony’s Next Big Announcement

'PlayStation Plus Video Pass' Could Be Sony's Next Big Announcement 2

A logo spotted on the official PlayStation website (which has now been removed) points to what could be coming next for PlayStation Plus.

It seems we now have a clearer idea as to what Sony will be announcing soon except this time, it’s nothing to do with games. A quick screenshot from the Polish PlayStation website today originally reported by VGC shows off ‘PlayStation Plus Video Pass’, which could be the latest addition to the PlayStation Plus service focused on films, rather than games.

'Playstation Plus Video Pass' Could Be Sony'S Next Big Announcement
This was the image taken from the Polish website, which has since been removed.

It’s unclear as to what this service will include, though the films listed in the photo (Venom, Zombieland Double Tap and Bloodshot) could be some of the first the additional service will launch with. It’s an indication Sony will be pulling from films they have produced, at least for now. It’s also unclear whether this will be available as an addition to the current PlayStation Plus subscription fee, or if it will be available as a separate service to go alongside PlayStation Plus.

Last month Sony announced that they would be discontinuing the ability to purchase/rent movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store, and the planned release of PlayStation Plus Video Pass could be the main reason as to why.

Besides the questions regarding a raise in PlayStation Plus subscription fee’s or not, there’s still no word whether this service will be available globally or potentially available to only Poland and other European countries. More interestingly though, this new service could be home for upcoming projects like the Uncharted and Ghost of Tsushima films currently in the works, and with a possible addition of TV, current adaptation of The Last of Us in development could potentially come to the service.

A lot about this service is still unclear, but it is abundantly clear that Sony will be continuing to mesh their IP’s and leverage both their biggest films and games against each other.

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