PlayStation VR Review Round-Up

| October 5, 2016
PlayStation VR Review Round-Up 2

The PlayStation VR launches on Oct 13th, and the reviews are already coming in about the headset’s capabilities. As one of the most hyped virtual reality sets of the year, is it worth a buy? While we’re working on our own review, here’s just a few opinions from around the gaming community:

Citing the “cost, complexity and lack of killer games” on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, engadget felt the PlayStation VR was a strong alternative. But their review stressed that VR still hasn’t had its day yet. “Even if you’re intrigued by virtual reality, it’s worth waiting for prices to go down and for the overall market to settle,” they wrote.

Game Informer was less forgiving. While they found the PlayStation VR to be an affordable choice that offers “a genuine sense of presence in its worlds,” they put their conclusion bluntly: “PlayStation VR is not as great as its main competitors.” They ultimately gave the headset a C-, enjoying its capabilities but noting its major issue with nausea from extended use.

Gizmodo argued the PSVR is “simple to use, and relatively affordable for millions of people.” But they also suggested the headset is not quite as refined as the Oculus and Vive. Still, they found it an enjoyable offering overall. “This is the VR system to invest in right now, especially if you have a PlayStation” they concluded.

Unlike the gaming community’s reviewers, the New York Times was unimpressed with the Batman: Arkham VR title. “The experience of being a Dark Knight who is unable to walk underscores the limits of virtual reality,” the Times stated. They found some games “awkward to control,” or “just plain boring,” concluding the PSVR is largely for early adopters.

Lastly, The Verge was impressed with how comfortable the PSVR feels to wear. “PSVR still asks you to clamp something around your head… [b]ut its weight is distributed much more evenly than other headsets, so it’s not constantly pushing down on your forehead and cheekbones,” they noted. While they hope the medium grows, they feel the PlayStation VR is a good entry-level start.

That’s our wrap-up for now. Stay tuned as we get ready for the official launch of the PlayStation VR, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments as well with any reflections on the reviews above.

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