North America and Asia Getting 18 PlayStation VR Demos, Europe Only Eight

| September 20, 2016
North America and Asia Getting 18 PlayStation VR Demos, Europe Only Eight 1

Earlier this month, we reported that Sony’s PlayStation VR unit would launch with a set of free demos for all owners. A comparison posted on NeoGAF the following week compared the North American demo disc to the European one, and revealed that US and Canadian players will receive 18 demos, whereas European PlayStation VR owners will only receive eight demos. Now, a post on the PlayStation Blog confirmed that Asia will be receiving 18 demos as well: some of which are not included in the North American release, either.

The PlayStation VR demo disc plans to feature a variety of genres that show off the VR unit’s capabilities. As one NeoGAF poster noted, the Asian release swaps out Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Here They Lie and the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard — Kitchen Teaser demo for Ace Banana, Mortal Blitz VR and O! My Genesis VR. Otherwise, the North American and Asian releases are very similar in style. No word yet on whether Asia’s demos will be released on the North American or European stores.

The limited European release is an odd choice for Sony. Releasing specific demos for specific regions makes sense; doing so allows Sony to target a variety of demographics across countries. But limiting the number of demos available on the European demo disc has left many European PlayStation VR owners feeling cheated. While localization issues may be responsible for the limited number of VR demos, it still comes as a surprise that North America and Asia’s discs will be seeing over 100% more demos.

Either way, the PlayStation VR ships next month in a variety of bundles. The VR unit will work with both the original PlayStation 4 as well as the PlayStation 4 Pro, so no need to wait for the latter to release. In the meantime, stay tuned as first impressions come in within the next couple of weeks.

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