Pokemon Uranium Is Insanely Popular

| August 11, 2016
Pokemon Uranium Is Insanely Popular 1

With the release of Pokémon Go, along with the upcoming release of Pokémon Sun and it seems like Game Freak’s franchise is going through a renaissance. That’s probably why the fan made Pokémon Uranium has garnered so much interest since its release.

It’s garnered so much success that its servers couldn’t handle the traffic it’s taken in. Twice since its initial release, the Pokémon Uranium twitter feed had to inform its fans, their website cannot handle the shier amount of people surging to the site. Still, there is a lot of excitement around the game. Currently, it’s only available for PC, but the developers stated through a Twitter Q and A that they intend to bring the game to Mac, but not Android or 3DS.

Pokémon Uranium features 150 new Pokémon with a whole new Nuclear type. On top of that, the game adds a little Shin Megami Tensei influence by allowing players to talk to their companions. The game still features a classic style aesthetic and a soundtrack that feels straight out of the games, even if it is fan made, it fits right in with the series.

There’s no doubt this is a passion project from the creators. The game has taken nine years to develop, so it predates Pokémon Go by quite a bit. Still, the hype garnered by the app, and a slew of the most talked about new Pokémon (looking at you Mimikyu, you magnificent Pikachu looking ghost) has no doubt fed into the excitement for the game. If anything, this could be pretty good time filler to hold you over.

You can still download the game, if you have a chance to do it the sooner the better, because I can’t see this lasting long without a take down notice. Until then, enjoy catching em’ all!

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