Portal 2 comic to fill in the gaps between games

| April 7, 2011
Portal 2 comic to fill in the gaps between games

Learn more about Aperture Labs in Portal 2: Lab Rat.

The release of Portal 2 is rapidly approaching, but fans won’t even have to wait until April 19th for new Portal content. Valve has announced that they’re teaming with IGN Comics to release Portal 2: Lab Rat a web comic that is meant to fill in the gaps between Portal and Portal 2.

Lab Rat will be produced in-house at Valve and the project is being helmed by Powers artist and co-creator Michael Avon Omeing, who will be leading a team made up of Valve artists and writers. Omeing previously worked with Valve on the Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead web comics.

“All we want to say is that it fills the gap between the first and second game, while introducing a much-rumored yet never seen character. It’s truly expanding the Portal world and narrative” Omeing told IGN. “I think we managed to touch on both the humor and subtle darkness of the game.”

A preview for the comic can now be seen at IGN and it looks like it has the right mix of humor and WTF that you’d expect from Portal. With lines like, “We put cameras in the cameras. He’ll never suspect,” Lab Rat is looking like it will be an entertaining read.

Portal 2: Lab Rat is set to debut this Friday on IGN.

Source: IGN

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