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Bridge Constructor Portal Review 1

Bridge Constructor Portal Review – Silly Construction Fun

 |  Chris Carter
At no point have I ever thought to myself, “I could go for a Portal version of Bridge Constructor.” It’s a weird mix, but somehow Valve gave ClockStone the go-ahead to do it, and the results are mostly on point.
Portal Returns This Month With Bridge Constructor Portal

Portal Returns This Month With Bridge Constructor Portal

 |  Preston Dozsa
It’s been seven years since the Portal series saw its last release with Portal 2, but Headup Games and ClockStone Software are bringing the series back before the end of 2017 with Bridge Constructor Portal. Due on December 20 for Windows, MacOS, Linux and mobile devices, Bridge Constructor Portal combines the physics-based puzzles of the Bridge Constructor series with the physics-based puzzles of the Portal series. […]

From Android Nim to Portal – The Evolution of Puzzle Games

 |  Lane Martin
Trends come and go in the video game industry.
Gabe Newell AMA Uneventful Though Interesting

Gabe Newell Not Finished with Half-life Universe

 |  Lane Martin
Reddit AMAs are seldom the font of hot news we want them to be, but they are at least a subtle look beyond the curtain.
Portal Film Still in the Works, Details Fairly Soon

Portal Film Still in the Works, Details Fairly Soon

 |  Lane Martin
Mandatory cake is a lie joke. Fans of Valve’s hilarious first person puzzle series Portal have cause to celebrate. Way back during 2013’s DICE summit, Gabe Newell and director J.J. Abrams mentions that they had been toying with the idea of either a Half-Life or a Portal movie. Earlier this year, Abrams confirmed that both of these films were […]
Attractico (PS4) Review 6

Attractico (PS4) Review

 |  Cody Orme
Since Portal hit the scene and revolutionized the way we play puzzlers, there have been a lot of imitators. Thankfully, unlike the first-person shooter genre post Modern Warfare, most of the knock-offs have been pretty enjoyable. That’s pretty much Bandai Namco’s Attractio, swapping portals with gravity, solving puzzles with boxes has never been so okay!  […]
Playing a Joke: A Look at the Difficulties of Creating Interactive Comedy 3

Playing a Joke: A Look at the Difficulties of Creating Interactive Comedy

 |  Reid McCarter
This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue of CGM.  A copy of the full issue can be purchased via our webstore or a digital copy through Pocket Mags or the Apple App Store.   Being funny isn’t easy. For every comic genius who succeeds in the worlds of film, television, or stand-up, there are […]
Poker Night 2 (Xbox 360)  Review 1

Poker Night 2 (Xbox 360) Review

 |  Tim Ashdown
Know When to Hold ‘Em When Poker Night at the Inventory was released in 2010, Telltale Games was a relatively unknown developer. The company had a small but loyal following amongst the glorious PC master race due to episodic classics such as Sam and Max and Tales of Monkey Island, yet they were hardly a […]
Would a Half-Life Movie Be Any Good? - 2013-02-14 14:40:21

Would a Half-Life Movie Be Any Good?

 |  Reid McCarter
Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams talked a big game at last week’s D.I.C.E (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertainment) Summit. Valve’s founder and the director behind TV and movies like Lost, Cloverfield, and Super 8 set themselves up as the pseudo-arbiters of their respective industries in their keynote address.
InnerSPACE host Ajay Fry talks best video game characters - 2013-01-24 17:27:04

InnerSPACE host Ajay Fry talks best videogame characters

 |  Ustad Khaira
Arguments amongst fans over greatest characters in gaming will always rage on. Tomorrrow InnerSPACE, an entertainment talk show on the SPACE channel, will throw their opinons into the mix. Recently we spoke to InnerSPACE host Ajay Fry about their upcoming Top 25 Video Game Characters special. Here’s what he had to say.

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