Project Scorpio Confirmed for E3 Reveal

| April 13, 2017
Project Scorpio Confirmed for E3 in June

Xbox fans have been at a fever pitch for the last several weeks with all the company’s attention seeming to be on their new Project Scorpio.  Ever since it’s announcement at last year’s E3 event, slowly more and more information has been revealed; including the developer kit and hardware specifications. Now, all fans have a date that they can mark on their calendars to prepare for the biggest Scorpio event yet.

Posting on Xbox Wire, Phil Spencer (the Head of Xbox), confirmed that the company would be unveiling their newest creation at E3 in June. Of course, Microsoft already revealed that they would be holding their Xbox show on Sunday, June 11 2:00-3:30 p.m. PT. Typically, they hold this event on a Monday for the E3 event, so a Sunday will be a slight change of pace.

Hopefully, information such as the console’s final price and design will be outlined. However, what fans already know is that this is being dubbed the most powerful console in existence. In the blog post that Spencer posted, he also gave those unknowledgeable about the new console a brief of what to expect.

“With Project Scorpio, we set a design goal of building the first true 4K console for gamers with an emphasis on compatibility so no one gets left behind. Once we locked that plan, we set our sights on building the world’s most powerful console development platform, which includes the new Xbox One Development Kit and a full suite of software to get every ounce of performance from the platform,” Spencer continues. “Like the retail console, we built this special dev kit by evaluating every piece, from hardware to software and tools, with developers and compatibility in mind. We paid attention to logistical details, like dramatically speeding up how quickly a developer can move their work between PC and dev kit, and made it easy to program and test changes at the literal press of a button on the front of the box. The goal is to let creators focus their time and energy on bringing their game to life, and less of it on getting up and running on new hardware.”

With the Nintendo Switch, still relatively new and the Xbox Scorpio on the horizon, it sure is a good time to be a video game fan.

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