QuakeCon 2018 Bethesda Keynote Breakdown

QuakeCon 2018 Bethesda Keynote Breakdown 1

With QuakeCon 2018 underway at the GayLord Texan Resort in Dallas, Texas, Bethesda kicked off their yearly keynote, with big announcements, including a gameplay reveal for Doom Eternal, which was first unveiled via cinematic trailer, during Bethesda’s E3 2018 Press Conference.

Tim Willits, Studio Director took to the stage, taking a moment to reflect on past shows, and thanking the volunteers and sponsors that have helped Quake Con 2018 be realized.

Willits brought up the Elder Scrolls Legends tournament, which begins today, with a prize pool of $50,000. Of course, Quakecon wouldn’t be complete without a Quake Tournament, which this year will have a prize pool of $175,000.

Pete Hines took the stage, teasing audiences with both already announced and new games for the show, followed by Todd Howard, who took the time to thank Texans for their continued love for video games. while announcing that their Play Test Lab Studio in Dallas, is now officially renamed to Bethesda Dallas.

Joshua Boyle and Andrew Carlos, community manager’s took to the stage, to show off some of the snazzy trophies that could be won from participating in some of the tournaments available during Quake Con 2018. The two also took the time to announce some new improvements coming to Quake, including a Quake Con 2018 exclusive heavy machine gun skin. However, the biggest news regarding Quake Champions, came in the form that the title will be now adopt a free-to-play model, in place indefinitely.

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A new trailer for Quake Champions was shown off, featuring the return of the character, Death Knight, which is available now in the game. Reader’s interested in checking out Quake Champions, can download the game from the official Quake website.

Matt Firor and Gina Bruno, Game Director and Community Manager, took some time to talk about the WolfHunter downloadable content for the Elder Scrolls Online. The new WolfHunter DLC will be available next Monday on PC and August 28, on consoles.

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The two talked about Mirkmire, a new and expansive area that will be added to the title, which will be available sometime later this Fall. A trailer showing off the new area was shown off. ESO+, the optional membership bonus subscription service for Elder Scroll Online will be getting a new update, giving core players even more reasons to subscribe, when the update goes live this Fall.

Magnus Nedfors, game director for Rage 2, along with Tim Willits announced more juicy details surrounding the open-world post-apocalyptic game. An extended gameplay trailer was shown off, featuring new elements such as the Goon Squad, environments, abilities and a better look at vehicular gameplay.

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Immediately following the Rage 2 trailer, Doom Eternal‘s E3 2018 trailer was played, nicely segueing into the Doom Eternal’s gameplay debut, with an introduction from director Marty Stratton and Creative director, Hugo Martin.

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a new design was shown off for Doomslayer, the silent protagonist of Doom, along with new concept art for some updated guns. New refreshes on existing enemies, along with newly reimagined demons from the original Doom 2, was also shown off, interestingly enough, the demon’s in Doom Eternal will feature a complex destruction system, in which they will decay and fall apart as players dish out damage.

At the end of the gameplay reveal, a new Invasion mode was shown off, which allows other players can invade someone else’s campaign, as demons, in a similar fashion to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series.

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