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21 of Years of Quake With Tom Willits 2

21 Years of Quake With Tim Willits

QuakeCon 2017 has officially come and gone, and CGM was there to catch all the action. In addition to demoing new games, checking out exhibits,

"Quake Champions" Announced 1

“Quake Champions” Announced

On the heels of new entries in the Wolfenstein and Doom franchises, Bethesda kicked off their press conference with the announcement of Quake Champions. Announced as a PC exclusive, Quake Champions will

CGM Plays: Doom 1

CGM Plays: Doom

Jordan and Chelsea go to Hell in id Software’s revival of the classic Doom franchise. Join us as we discuss the way games used to

Doom (PS4) Review 2

Doom (PS4) Review

I may have mentioned this before, but it was always a small regret of mine that I never had access to the PC library during

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