Second-Gen Nest Hub Available for Preorder Now

| March 17, 2021
Second-Gen Nest Hub Available for Preorder Now 14

Google announced this week that they are releasing the second-generation Nest Hub.

The product is bringing back the things you already love about the Nest Hub back, as well as adding features that help buyers lead happier, healthier lives. The device aims to help families “tackle the day”, but now they want to help during the night too. More information can be found on their blog post.

The Nest Hub’s audio has 50% more bass than the original, and the speaker is based on the same technology as Nest Audio. It features the ability to connect to any of your music streaming services like Spotify or YouTube Music and it will be able to connect to streaming platforms like Disney+ and Netflix.  The Nest Hub’s futuristic “Quick Gestures” will allow you to pause or play with a simple tap at the air in front of the screen. You’ll be able to view all your connected devices in one spot, making controlling your connected home simple.

Second-Gen Nest Hub Available For Preorder Now
Charcoal Nest Hub

Google has introduced new sleep features to the Nest Hub this time around, keeping you in mind, day and night. The Nest Hub is camera-free, so people can feel at ease keeping it by their bedside. With some people not wanting to wear something like a Fitbit to bed at night, Nest Hub had a solution.  On their official blog they describe Sleep Sensing and how it works,

“Understand your sleep: Sleep Sensing uses Motion Sense (powered by Soli low-energy radar technology) to analyze how the person closest to the display is sleeping, based on their movement and breathing—all without a camera or wearing devices to bed. Sleep Sensing can also detect sleep disturbances like coughing and snoring or the light and temperature changes in the room with Nest Hub’s built-in microphones and ambient light and temperature sensors, so you can better understand what may be impacting your sleep.

Every morning you’ll receive a personalized sleep summary on your display, or you can view your sleep data anytime on the Nest Hub by asking, “Hey Google, how did I sleep?” Sleep Sensing can also be connected to your Google Fit app on Android and iOS devices, so as long as you have your phone, you can easily view your sleep summary alongside your other health and wellness information.”

The program is completely optional and keeps your privacy in mind, including a visual indicator to let you know it has been turned on. The feature provides tailored bedtime schedules and personalized improvement suggestions. There are multiple ways to disable the feature, including a physical switch that lets you turn off the microphone, and you can delete your sleep data at any time. Sleep Sensing is available on the second-generation Nest Hub for no additional cost until next year, and even if you decide it’s not for you, Nest Hub still has settings that make your transition from day to night easier with a dimming display and a personalized “Your Evening” page to help you wind down.

The Nest Hub comes in a variety of colours to match any decor, like chalk, charcoal, sand and the new Mist. It’s easy to clean glass display is edgeless, making for a stunning photo display. The company made the smart choice in using 54% recycled post-consumer plastic parts in its design.

 The second-generation Nest up is $129.99 CAD and is available for preorder in Canada at the Google Store and retailers nearby.

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