Sonic X Mega Man When Worlds Unite

| Feb 23, 2015
Sonic X Mega Man When Worlds Unite - 2015-02-23 16:32:16

The first teaser image of Archie Comics’ Worlds Unite crossover event was released on IGN today.

April 2013 saw Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man’s worlds collide in the first crossover event, and last year a follow up was announced for release this year. But more than just the blue clad protagonists will be involved.

The teaser image reveals characters from Mega Man X and Sonic Boom (Mega Man X and Sticks the Wild Jungle Badger are the first two reveals), standing triumphantly in front of many silhouettes of other Sega and Capcom characters from a number of their other franchises, set to be revealed in upcoming days.

“It’s loads of fun pairing X’s stoic earnestness with Sticks’s goofy conspiratorial nature,” says writer Ian Flynn in a statement on IGN. “Just between these four, we’ve got a huge range of tones and characters that are fun to play off each other.”

“Last year saw both the comic series launch of Sonic Boom, as well as the major Mega Man comic storyline ‘Dawn of X’,” says editor Paul Kaminski in the statement. “And these DRASTICALLY different worlds add a combo of comedy and action to ‘Worlds Unite’ with explosive results!”

As the silhouetted characters in the teaser image are revealed over the next few days, new commentary from both Flynn and Kaminski will run alongside it.

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