Sony hacker attacks get personal

Sony hacker attacks get personal

An Anonymous splinter cell is looking to gather the personal information of various Sony executives.

After yesterday’s attacks on the PlayStation Network and a number of Sony websites, an offshoot of the Anonymous hacker collective calling itself SonyRecon has splintered off and has started going after Sony executives personally. Members of SonyRecon are now looking for “Dox” on key Sony individuals, as well as anyone involved with GeoHot’s upcoming trial. SonyRecon has identified the judge and Sony’s legal team as valid targets.

‘Dox’ are usually used for fraud and refer to personal identification information such as telephone numbers, email, or home addresses.

SonyRecon, meanwhile, has some other recommendations for anybody able to get executive Sony info. The OpSony IRC members of SonyRecon made the following suggestions: 

Craigslist – Make an ad in the “free stuff” section, or in “erotic services” and “casual encounters” as is evident here there are many horny men who will relentlessly pursue someone who they believe to be 19/f.

STD Postcards – send one of these e-postcards notifying the target that one of their previous sexual partners has a STD. Makes for an uncomfortable wait for them. Alternatively call an AIDS hotline and ask them to anonymously tell the target they could have HIV, thats a 6 month wait until the test comes back.

Free UPS Boxes create an account and order the target a couple of hundred boxes & labels, fedex also offer free boxes.

Google Maps use Google maps to locate local businesses to mess with the target.

Call them:

Skype – Use skype to call the target. When you first register a skype account you get one free call…

IP Relay – Ask the operator not to announce at the start of the call. This is a service only available to people in the USA.

SonyRecon has already gotten hold of the personal information on Sony executive Robert S. Wiesenthal, leaking his marital status, age and address onto the Internet.  Sony CEO Howard Stringer and Nicole Seligman are some of the other Sony employees who will be targeted in the future.

The recommended actions are little more than pranks, so it’s not clear what the hackers intend to accomplish. It’s also unlikely to have any impact on Sony’s lawsuit, unless going after the judge proves to be a counterproductive course of action.

Source: Playstation LifeStyle

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