Sony Pays Former Intern £4,600 in Case

Sony Pays Former Intern £4,600 in Case 1

Chris Jarvis, a former intern at Sony’s game department, was paid £4,600 in a minimum wage case.

After interning at Sony, Jarvis said he was entitled to a worker’s salary, resulting in a payment before the case went any further.

Jarvis worked as an intern for 3 months at Sony Computer Entertainment in Cambridge (who is currently working on Killzone: Mercernary).Though the internship itself was unpaid, Sony agreed to pay for his travel expenses.

BBC reports Jarvis said “he worked from 09:30 to 18:00 and from 10:30 until 18:00 during the second two months. The daily commute between Milton Keynes and Cambridge took up to four hours and cost him about £20 in fuel.”

This compensation ended up being delayed.  Jarvis ended up researching labour rights and contacting Sony, claiming he was a worker.

Upon contacting Sony, Jarvis said their response was “they told me I was mistaken and wrong and told me I did not have to be there.”

But Jarvis says he has received £4,600, right before an employment tribunal was done for the case.

Jarvis graduated from the Norfolk University of the Arts, majoring in game art and design, taking the internship shortly after in 2012.. He is now a lead graphic designer for a Milton-Keynes-based company.

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