Spider-Verse Will Include All The Spider Men

Spider-Verse Will Include All The Spider Men

Comic book writer Dan Slott, the mastermind behind the Superior Spider Man series, is pairing up with artist Oliver Coipel (House of M, Thor) to create a mighty ambitious story line involving every Spider Man that’s ever been created, according to Marvel Comics.

Influenced by the story line from Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions, Slott explained during a press call with Marvel on Friday that they plan on bringing in Spider Men we’ve never even heard of before.

“This is every Spider-Man ever teaming up, or fighting each other,” Slott said. “Some won’t get along. It’s a Spider-Man story on a scale we have never seen before. Epic in its scope.”

The main villain of the series will be Morlun, a vampire who’s put the smack down on Peter Parker several times, and appeared in comics for the first time in Amazing Spider-Man #30.

Despite the weak excuse Shattered Dimensions created to bring the four Spider Men together – a tablet of order and chaos which has been sitting in a New York museum for years can apparently do some weird inter-dimensional stuff – Slott should have little problems developing a complex, and engrossing story that involves every Spidey out there. His work with Superior Spider Man up to this point has been tremendous, and he’s successfully weaved in Doctor Octopus’ genius-level intellect, deadly efficiency, with the character of Spider Man, following the mind-swap that occurred at the end of Amazing Spider Man #700, A Dying Wish. Many people were reluctant to embark on this new journey, however after a few issues, it was clear Slott knew exactly what he was doing, and it’s been an absolute thrill ride since.

His new take on the wall-crawler in Superior Spider Man, which includes a ferociousness never-before-seen with Spider Man, is a refreshing take on a character we’ve known and loved for so long. Even with the looming fact that every Spider-Man that’s ever been mentioned must somehow be integrated into this new story he’s creating, we should be feeling pretty good about the possibilities the final product will bring us.

If anyone is to accomplish this successfully, it’s Slott.

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