The 3DS eShop kicks off with free Excitebike on June 6

| June 3, 2011
The 3DS eShop kicks off with free Excitebike on June 6

Nintendo has a couple of free giveaways for the early visitors to their new online store.

The Nintendo 3DS eShop finally launches on June 6th (next Monday) with a new system update, and Nintendo has a few free offers to pull people into the store. Specifically, the 3D remake of the NES classic Excitbike will be gratis until July 7th (you’ll have to pay for it after that), and there’s also a new Pokedex 3D application that will allow gamers to view 3D renditions of the monsters they’ve caught in Pokemon Black and White (the app will be free indefinitely). In addition to the free content, the eShop launch lineup includes paid versions of Super Mario Land, Alley Way, and Radar Mission, and Nintendo plans to update the eShop with new titles every Thursday.

The system update will also introduce a web browser for the 3DS. It’s a great feature if you like to keep an FAQ on hand – Nintendo says that the home menu will make it convenient to switch between the web browser and whatever game you’re playing – but the browser reportedly (and unfortunately) won’t support Flash or PDF files. Users will be able to zoom in on JPEG images and save them to an SD card, and the browser will remember up to 64 Favourites and feature parental controls.

Sadly, 3DS owners will have to wait a little longer for the promised 3D video features. Nintendo says that an application that allows people to view “3D movie trailers, comedy clips, and music videos” will be rolled out sometime in the “near future.”

Source: Gamespot


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