Grow your Garden in Real-Time in The Garden Path

Grow your Garden in Real-Time in The Garden Path

Developer carrotcake has announced its upcoming Slice-of-life game, The Garden Path which is slated to come to PC next year.

The game puts you in the shoes of a gardener who is put in charge of a forgotten place, your goal is to bring back life and colour to the garden. At the game’s core is the joy of gardening and the quiet moments of life. Throughout the game, you’ll grow your garden, making lots of tea and creating bonds with the animal-headed travellers and vegetable-headed garden inhabitants with their own unique personalities and stories to tell.

Those encounters lead to friendship which leads to them settling near you and this once forgotten place. The game is designed with a relaxing experience in mind while you complete tasks and errands. The Garden Path isn’t a game you’re required to be played for multiple hours a day, you can check in on how your garden a couple of times a week as it grows even when you’re away.

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It’s not just about gardening as you collect furniture and decorate your garden and tent space to make you feel at home. You can also harvest materials to craft items, as well as fishing, collect dust flies and trade anything you find for new items. The passing of time in your garden’s growth is reflected in real-time, an aspect of the game Animal Crossing fans might find intriguing. As time flows, seasons will come and go, your garden will grow and other travellers/inhabitants will appear.

One of the most amazing aspects of The Garden Path is the hand-drawn art style/visuals and the chill music. The Garden Path is a solo developed game by illustrator Louis Durrant, who is making everything in the game including the art and soundtrack. If interested, check out the trailer to get a vibe of the game, The Garden Path is set to launch on PC via Steam and possibly other platforms later this year.

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