The Long Ban On Game Consoles In China Is Over

| Jul 27, 2015
The Long Ban On Game Consoles In China Is Over - 2015-07-27 12:27:28

The Chinese war on the console market is coming to an end. 

For a while now there has been a strong resistance to “game only” devices entering the Chinese market. As such the PC games and the MMO have flourished on Chinese soil.

In 2000, the Chinese had moved to all out ban consoles. This drove want-to-be gamers into the open arms of the PC and all the MMO’s and online games that lay waiting there. China now boasts the biggest online user base of any country in the world.

The time of no one being able to obtain a console legally has officially come to an end. The Chinese have made an about face on the subject and are opening their borders to the gaming consoles.

Microsoft and Sony have already made it clear they are excited about this new market. Nintendo as of this article have been mute on their plans, although I expect they will follow suit. This will only lead to more players of all the games we know and love, and will mean stronger sales for everyone. Please leave a comment below on your view on what this could mean for the games industry.

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