Titan to Produce a New Tekken Comic

| Feb 17, 2017

Titan comics publishes an extremely diverse catalogue of comic books ranging from original books like Chimera Brigade and Peepland to its vast collection of licensed properties like Dark Souls and Dishonored. Now, Titan is adding the notable fighting game franchise Tekken to their list of properties.

The book has already signed on some interesting talent. The comics are being written by Cavan Scott, who has previously worked on with both the Star Wars and Doctor Who comic book adaptations, and being illustrated by Audie Tong, who has worked on Spectacular Spider-Man and The Batman Strikes!.

Scott considers himself a fan of the series since he was first introduced to it back in 1995, and looks forward to writing for it in this capacity.

“We’re having great fun delving into the series’ history to bring back some familiar faces, along with all the fan favourite fighters you’d expect,” Scott told CraveOnline. “There’s going to be intrigue, danger and, of course, knock-out battles galore!”

Tekken features some iconic characters, that are very near and dear to fans. Though we don’t know what part of the lore this comic will deal with, several characters have been confirmed, namely Jin Kazama, Yoshimitsu, Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams, and Paul Phoenix.

Fighting games have never been seen as the most story-focused video games out there. Tekken has always gone to great lengths to balance heavy-handed melodrama, such as Heihachi being the worst grandfather ever, with the ridiculous, exemplified by haunted trees, fighting bears, and alien samurai. Though I would love to see this series explore the latter, I fear that we’ll be regaled with more tales of devil genes and corporate espionage, as we got with previous translations of this franchise.

Titan is looking to release this comic in May of 2017, paving the way for Tekken 7‘s release on June 2nd.

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