Umbrella Academy Introduces The Sparrows in Season 3 Trailer

| May 19, 2022
Umbrella Academy Introduces The Sparrows in Season 3 Trailer 1

Netflix just dropped a new Umbrella Academy season 3 trailer that gives a two-minute look at what fans can expect in the upcoming season which includes that the world is ending once again and a proper introduction to the Sparrow Academy.

The new season kicks off exactly where season two ended with the Umbrella Academy returning to the present, but they learn quickly that it’s not theirs. The cast’s interactions in the past have changed the present and have found themselves in an alternative timeline where the Umbrella Academy doesn’t exist.

In its place is the Sparrow Academy, an alternative version of the academy fans know and features a brand new cast of super-powered individuals in its roster alongside a familiar face from their past. The de facto leader of the Sparrow Academy is none other than Ben Hargreeves who was a part of the Umbrella Academy in the original timeline. Ben died early on in his life but still lived on as a spirit attached to Klaus’ side until he sacrificed himself in Season 2. This time around, Ben is much more of a prick to his original academy family, who he does not recognize.

The powers of the Sparrows are just as ridiculous, who like the Umbrellas were also part of a group of 43 children with powers that were born on the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989 to mothers without any previous signs of pregnancy. Some of their powers include summoning crows, shooting red lightning, and one with telekinesis powers, which is a literal cube named Christopher. As Diego puts it in the trailer – “we’ve been replaced by a bunch of blobs and cubes and birds and s**t.”

The cast joining the Netflix series playing the sparrows include Justin H. Min (returning as a “Machiavellian” version of Ben), Justin Cornwell (Training Day), Britne Oldford (The Flash), Jake Epstein (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Genesis Rodriguez (Time After Time), Cazzie David (Eighty-Sixed miniseries) and Dread-Inducing Psykronium Cube. We do know sometime in this upcoming Elliot Page’s character will come out as a transgender man, similar to how the actor did himself in 2020.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 is set to drop on Netflix with all 10 episodes on June 22nd.

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