Unpleasant Horse gallops into App Store

| Apr 29, 2011

4th & Battery’s first game is now available for download.

Unpleasant Horse, the first game from PopCap Games sub-studio 4th & Battery, has had a rough road to release. It was initially rejected by Apple for its “mature content,” but the team appealed for a higher rating and managed to barely squeak into April now that the game can be download for free in the iOS App Store.

There’s a reason why the game required a higher rating. Players are given control of a cute but nefarious winged horse and fly to different clouds in order to rip apart small birds (not the angry kind) and drop other flying stallions into a meat grinder below. Delightful bits of shredded pony pop up afterwards, so this one probably isn’t for the children.

Source: App Store [via Joystiq]

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