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iPad Pro 2018 Review

iPad Pro 2018 Review

The paradigm of the computer has been in flux since Apple first unveiled the iPad back in 2010. With the ability to power through work,

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (Mobile) Review 2

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (Mobile) Review

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is the latest addition to the Kingdom Rush saga as well as being my first experience with the tower deference mobile series.

Alto's Odyssey Review:  A Symphonic Success

Alto’s Odyssey (iOS) Review

There’s something about music in video games that often gets overlooked. When sound design works it tends to fade into the background and it only

Free Vulkan SDK for macOS and iOS

Free Vulkan SDK for macOS and iOS

Free and Open-Source Vulkan on macOS and iOS February 26, 2018 – A Vulkan-compatible driver for macOS and iOS,  MoltenVK, is now available free of

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