New September Xbox Game Pass Selection Includes Final Fantasy XIII

| September 1, 2021
New September Xbox Game Pass Selection Includes Final Fantasy XIII

Xbox has revealed upcoming titles for company’s games subscription service and there’s something for everyone.

Xbox Game Pass adds new games each and every month and there’s always at least one thing that piques my interest. It feels like Xbox aims for a variety when seeking out games for the service, or maybe lots of different developers reach out to Microsoft. It’s hard to say but there’s plenty of things to play.

The consumer value is definitely there though and this month’s games are no different. Eight games are being added to the service in the next week and that includes Final Fantasy XIII. Many people played the 2010 JRPG on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, but it’s absolutely worth booting up again on next-gen hardware.

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Faster load times and higher resolutions are just the beginning of the enhancements. The upgraded Final Fantasy XIII also uses some technology from the PC version, which helps make it an even bigger jump from the original console version. It’s worth a download for Game Pass subscribers when it comes to the service on September 2nd.

FF13 is joined by Signs of the Sojourner and Surgeon Simulator 2, which will be added to Game Pass the same day. Final Fantasy XIII will be playable on Console and PC. Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative-focused card game centered around connecting with others. Surgeon Simulator 2 isn’t for the faint of heart but it can be pretty fun if your stomach doesn’t mind. All three games will be playable on Console and PC. Surgeon Simulator 2 and Signs of the Sojourner will also be playable on Cloud.

New September Xbox Game Pass Selection Includes Final Fantasy Xiii 1
Surgeon Simulator 2

Explore a small island filled with animals, exploration, and everything in between in Craftopia. Chase your dreams and explore the unknown, including the ability to build and own a home. It will also be available for Console, Cloud, and PC on September 2nd.

Guide Elle through a procedurally generated nightmare realm in Clown Trick when it’s added to Xbox Game Pass on September 7th. Clown Trick will be playable on Console and PC. The game’s turn-based mechanics allow for some good strategic moments while navigating the nightmare.

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Breathedge is coming to Console, Cloud, and PC on September 9th. It’s a survival game where players are tasked with taking a loved one’s ashed to an out-of-this-world funeral. It looks weird and very different.

Top-down shooter Nuclear Throne will be added for Console and PC on the same day, along with The Artful Escape, which is a psychedelic experience starring a guitar prodigy and an old folk legend. It features performances from Carl Weathers, Lena Headey, Michael Johnston, Caroline Kinley, Jason Schwartzman, and Mark Strong.

Xbox always advertises the service as having over 100 games, but the number has been above 200 for a few years now. And it’s only going to get bigger. It’s not completely clear how the finer details work between Microsoft, publishers, and developers since everything past the subscription cost is pretty much a secret. It seems like it’s working for Xbox and publishers, but it’s too soon to say for developers, at least as a whole.

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