Square Enix Presents, Spring 2021: Everything Announced

Square Enix Presents, Spring 2021: Everything Announced 1
Square Enix hosted their first digital showcase today, taking notes from Nintendo and Sony. Here’s everything they displayed, including the reveal of Life is Strange: True Colors.

The inaugural “Square Enix Presents” showcase was hosted by none other than Matthew Mercer, versatile voice actor of Critical Role fame, and kicked off with a deeper look at Outriders. Its setting, the planet Enoch, is described as “Hell off earth,” a “wild and hostile” environment populated with a plethora of mutant threats. The game’s four classes were also detailed, teasing their individual healing mechanics and the capacity to make a flexible build that suits your playstyle. Developer People Can Fly promise a 30+ hour campaign and a challenging postgame, where players can take on “suicide mission” Expeditions. The full game will be available April 1 on all current systems except Switch.

Outriders Kicked Off The Inaugural Square Enix Presents Showcase, Describing Its Setting Enoch As &Quot;Hell Off Earth.&Quot;
Outriders kicked off the inaugural Square Enix Presents showcase, describing its setting Enoch as “hell off Earth.” (Square Enix)

Next, Square Enix took time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise, reiterating that updates on the upcoming movie sequel and Netflix anime will be coming soon. Collaborations with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are also in the works, and an official cookbook will be released later this year with recipes inspired by Lara’s globetrotting adventures.

The Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Edition hit digital storefronts this morning, in keeping with the leaked information, and collects Lara’s three latest outings along with all their DLC. The heroine joined Fortnite this week as skins unlocked through the Season Pass, and soon the legendary Croft Manor will appear in Fortnite Creative as a playable adventure March 23.

Square Enix Montreal cinematically teased their upcoming mobile titles Just Cause Mobile and Hitman Sniper Assassins. They will also be collaborating with Taito on a Space Invaders mobile AR game. Speaking of Taito, they will be releasing Bubble Bobble 4 Friends on PC in the coming months, and adding G-Darius Ver.2 to the Darius Cozmic Revelation compilation which is currently available on Switch and PlayStation 4.

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Crystal Dynamics showed off the new Marvel’s Avengers Operation, Future Imperfect, which was added to the game today alongside Clint “Hawkeye” Barton. Players will take on Maestro, a version of Hulk from an apocalyptic future. The next-gen version is also available today, and those who own the current-gen version can upgrade at no additional cost and transfer their data, as promised. The next downloadable character was revealed as Black Panther, who will arrive this summer in the War For Wakanda expansion.

Balan Wonderworld got a moment to show off its quirky, colourful world ahead of its launch next week. The unique new property from Yuji Naka will feature cooperative play.

As advertised, Square Enix announced a new game in its acclaimed graphic adventure series, Life is Strange: True Colors. Developed by Deck Nine Games, the next tale focuses on Alex Chen, a young woman with psychic empathy powers, enabling her “to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others.” She moves to the idyllic town of Haven Springs to be with her estranged brother Gabe, who soon dies in a mysterious accident. Alex must use her power to uncover the truth, shaping her fate—and that of Haven Springs—in the process.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Focuses On Alex Chen, A Young Woman Who Can Literally See Others' Emotions.
Life Is Strange: True Colors focuses on Alex Chen, a young woman who can literally see others’ emotions. (Square Enix)

Deck Nine Games has been working on the title since 2017, bringing it to life with full performance capture technology. Alex is portrayed by Erika Mori, with her singing voice provided by performer mxmtoon. She will meet new friends and potential romantic interests, including Steph, who previously appeared in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.

Unlike previous episodic installments, Square Enix will release True Colors in full on September 10—though the chapter breaks will still exist. Two special editions will be available digitally: the Deluxe Edition, featuring 4 additional outfits for Steph drawn from the larger franchise, and a DLC chapter for Steph, while the Ultimate Edition will also include remasters of Life Is Strange and Before The Storm. The remasters will be available separate from True Colours as the Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection, later this fall.

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Finally, Square Enix provided an update on the game formerly known as “Project Athia.” Now known officially as Forspoken, the new title from Luminous Productions stars Ella Balinska as Frey Holland, “an ordinary young woman who must harness her magical abilities to survive in a fantastical and dangerous land called Athia.” Forspoken will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2022.

“Frey as a character is real, she’s raw, she’s a girl who lost her way—both figuratively and literally—and is a character I immediately connected with, as I feel many people around the world will too when they set off on this adventure,” said Ballinksa, who introduced the game’s reveal trailer.

Mercer closed the show with a promise of more exciting revelations to follow at the next Square Enix Presents, coming this summer.

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