Final Fantasy XIII Heading To Current Consoles?

Final Fantasy XIII Heading To Current Consoles? 2

Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most divisive entries in the series yet. It threw series conventions out the window, for better or worse. While it sold well enough, the fanbase had a largely mixed reaction, to say the least.

But that might not be enough to stop Square Enix from putting it out again. If a now-deleted product listing on the Xbox website is accurate, Final Fantasy XIII may be heading to modern consoles.

As Gematsu points out, a product page popped up today on If you have an Xbox Live account, you can compare Final Fantasy XIII achievements with a user. The page also included a new piece of box art.

Final Fantasy Xiii Heading To Current Consoles?

Later updates point to the listing being a cloud streaming version of Final Fantasy XIII. It’s not unlikely that Square Enix would remaster the title, however. This is the company who has released a PSP spin-off on home consoles and modern versions of PS2 titles, after all. Putting out a 2010 RPG with some upscaled visuals doesn’t seem like an outlandish choice them.

If an up-scaled release of Final Fantasy XIII ends up being a reality, there’s no doubt that we will hear about it in the coming months. The franchise seems to be on an apology tour of sorts. There has been a whole spate of re-releases, a hotly anticipated new game, and all sorts of media tie-ins. Square Enix seems to be making a serious push to making their major cash cow relevant again.

Personally, I’d be down for revisiting Final Fantasy XIII on modern consoles. The late-game was a jarring shift, but the majority of the package held my interest. A large part of that was due to some astonishing visuals and a gorgeous score. That’s not to mention that Lightning and Vanille are two of my favourite characters in the franchise.

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