New iPhone UI Trick Lets Users Implement Font Changes With A Caveat

new iphone ui trick lets users implement font changes with a caveat 868663

The iPhone UI is outstandingly stubborn with a lack of customizability, but a new trick allows users to change their iOS 16 font to look less Apple-like.

The latest in iOS customization doesn’t come from Apple, and it does not work on devices updated to iOS version 16.2, but there’s a new method on deck for users to implement font changes on their iPhone. The most notable thing about the new trick is the device that utilizes the exploit does not need to be jailbroken, merely not updated. The exploit is finely detailed on GitHub by user zhuowei, and evidence of menus utilizing a number of fonts (yes, even Comic Sans with no relation to Undertale) can be found in the images below.

New Iphone Ui Trick Lets Users Implement Font Changes With A Caveat 374515

The main caveat users need to be made aware of is the exploit’s dependence on a bug called CVE-2022-46689, which was addressed in the iOS patch to 16.2, this is why the changes to the UI can occur. An Apple support page can be found detailing the security issues of the latest iOS update patches, and it is recommended as the bug can allow “an app may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges”.

BUT, if, say, an iPhone user DIDN’T upgrade their iOS to 16.2, the app can be downloaded and then subsequently utilized with the GitHub walkthrough, and further information is shared via the developer’s Twitter account. The thread posted details the stages the created app had to go through while in development and credits other developers for implementing different fonts for users. Notably, the Choco Cooky font looks ‘the most Samsung of fonts’, as mentioned in the comments.

Users interested in this can visit the GitHub site or dig through the Twitter thread for helpful information on making your iPhone fonts more user-oriented.

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