Origami Inspired Upside-Down Dimensions Comes To Steam Early Access

Origami Inspired Upside-Down Dimensions Comes To Steam Early Access

Hydra Interactive, a young and relatively new Indie game studio’s Upside-Down Dimensions is now available on Steam Early Access.

Upside-Down Dimensions is a game set in a world made entirely out of paper, with a distinctly Japanese origami inspired look. Although the world is vibrant and colourful, the paper crafted world is at risk of being torn asunder, as hoards of evil are preparing to make their last stand, in a battle that has the potential to bring ruin to the Paper Kingdom.

Two heroes, a boy and a girl, stand in evil’s way. Players are invited to follow them on their epic journey to defeat the dark forces that plague the lands. Gameplay wise, the upcoming title will let players hack, slash, and platform their way to victory. The game will also feature stealth sections in addition to puzzles and two playable characters that have been separated into different dimensions.  In other words, Upside-Down Dimensions will offer players an eclectic variety of gameplay options as they delve into the Early Access title.

Daniel Parente, CEO and Game Director at Hydra Interactive Entertainment had this to say,

“We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved with Upside-Down Dimensions. The gorgeous paper graphics will draw players in, and they’ll stay for the challenging gameplay. Early Access is such a great platform for us and we can’t wait to start hearing from the community.”

Upside-Down Dimensions is Hydra Interactive’s second game, with their first being a mobile, retro-inspired pursuit known as Froggler. The game featured 3D, voxel-like graphics reminiscent of Minecraft with gameplay more akin to the likes of Frogger. Those interested in Froggler can download the title on iOS, Android and the Windows app store, respectively.

Upside-Down Dimensions is now available through Steam Early Access, Steam’s replacement service for the now defunct Steam Greenlight. Hydra Interactive have not announced any plans for Upside-Down Dimensions on consoles at this time.

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