Vigor Unleashes Season 8, “Trappers”

Vigor Unleashes Season 8, "Trappers"

Vigor‘s eighth season and battle pass launch today—here’s what to expect from the looter-shooter’s new theme, “Trappers.”

Per the new trailer dropped by Bohemia Interactive this morning, the new season will introduce a new faction to the post-apocalyptic battle royale—trappers.

“The Trappers live in harmony with nature. This is their land and their rules. They know their land like the palm of their hand and don’t hesitate to slaughter anyone who trespasses—they will fire at will. Will you dare to join them and prosper, or will you toy with them in the skin of innocent prey?”

Taunt The Trappers With Vigor'S New Prey Pack Cosmetics.
Taunt the trappers with Vigor’s new Prey Pack cosmetics. (Bohemia Interactive)

This season of Vigor features some new cosmetics and gameplay changes:

  • A new PH M82 sniper rifle
  • The Hunter Pack: for $69.99 USD, contains the Hunter Uniform, a new unique variant of the Season Pass outfit, and 2855 (+1145 Bonus) Crowns
  • The Prey Pack: for $19.99 USD, contains two prey-themed outfits for mocking the trappers—the four-piece bunny costume, and a two-piece wolf costume
  • Two loot events present in every encounter, doubling the loot opportunites
  • Per player feedback, the anti-camping Mortar Strike has been removed

A new Season Legacy tab will also be added, allowing players to purchase older seasons to replay with friends. Additional seasons will be added to this tab as time goes on.

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Developed by Prague-based Bohemia Interactive, Vigor is a free-to-play online battle royale game with looter-shooter elements, set in a post-war, post-apocalyptic Norway. Players can fight to survive alone or with friends, across a variety of game modes. Building shelters and tense gunfights are key to the experience, and the new season looks to amplify the importance of stealth and outwitting those who hunt you.

Vigor and its new Season 8 are now available on PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. First announced at E3 2018, it quickly hit 1.2 million players on Xbox alone when it launched in August 2019. The Switch and PS4 versions followed last year.

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