World of Warcraft Classic Players Begin “The Fresh Crusade”

World of Warcraft Classic Players Begin “The Fresh Crusade” 2

Over 1000 World of Warcraft Classic Players have banded together against playing on over populated, toxic servers, in search of a fresh start. The group, dubbed “The Fresh Crusade”, has teamed up with plans of joining a low populated server to experience the classic game on a more traditional level. All players will be re-rolling brand-new characters together on March 5th with the goal of creating a fresh experience for all involved.

The re-roll event includes seven different guilds with players all across the world. A player named Caszhar came up with the idea after The Burning Crusade was announced with no mention of new servers being created for players who wanted a launch that really felt like the beginning again. Right now high population servers face an inflated in game economy after people began botting and rigging the in game auction house as well as selling in game gold and items for real money.

Caszhar told Eurogamer, “with all of us starting together, the economy will be more of an even playing ground compared to the higher/mid-size population servers.” This will give the players the chance to begin their Azeroth journey on a level playing field including levelling together with other players, rather than trying to solo their way from levels 1-60. Group content like questing and dungeons are an integral part of the WOW experience and with over 1300 people joining at once, this is sure to recreate that experience with its fan base.

“The Fresh Crusade” plans to launch on March 5th at 7pm server time, though a server hasn’t been chosen yet. The community has a Discord to keep in touch with its group, and they’ve been advertising on Reddit for more players. They are aiming to have an even number of Hoard and Alliance players between the seven guilds and hoping to reach 2000 players by the Friday launch. After February’s Blizzcon, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic doesn’t have an official release date aside from 2021, but these fans will surely be prepared.

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