Zelda Fans’ Hearts Tugged at With Skyward Sword for Switch Listing

Zelda Fans' Hearts Tugged at With Skyward Sword for Switch Listing
Nintendo Switch users are buzzing over an Amazon UK listing for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the portable console, while stoking discussions on what holds the company back from releasing other fan-favourite classics.

In a now-removed page and saved screenshot by industry observer Wario64, the listing showed the game’s title and a price tag for £69.99 pounds and contained Nintendo’s product tag. Despite the apparent hype from social media and wish-listers, it’s not the first time such listings have been spotted across the online retailer. In May 2020, users also got their hopes up from similar listings for a Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch port on multiple retailers, while another came for Persona 5 on April 2019.

For Zelda fans, Skyward Sword on the Switch would play exactly as it did on the Wii in 2011 – if not better through graphical enhancements and refined controls (including gyroscope). The largest benefit also comes from taking one of the series’ last full-length adventure to-go, with an original story before Breath of the Wild was released six years later. Stoking the hype includes Nintendo’s habits of delivering fan-favourite Zelda remasters across its latest systems, including The Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD and a highly-requested Majora’s Mask 3D which came out for the 3DS in 2015.

It’s worth noting that Skyward Sword was also the last Zelda game to use a linear design. Compared to the open-ended variety of Breath of the Wild, players were given a straightforward story-driven adventure with Link as he took to the skies to save Skyloft. Its story also takes place as a prequel to the entire series, with a new version of our green-dressed hero navigating through different (higher) versions of Hyrule locations and characters. The game also featured am emphasis on flying, platforming and combat over its puzzle-based dungeons while side quests could also be taken on in two different land and sky worlds.

Tweaking on Twilight Princess, the game also featured more motion-based swordplay. But a Switch port would focus less on this feature and stick to a more button-based approach to controls. It would also give players a new itch to scratch following their playthrough of the latest and greatest Zelda title released with the console in 2017.

But the Amazon listing should be taken as a grain of salt, and hopefully not as a pipe dream along Nintendo’s tendencies of keeping fans periodically happy with demanded releases. Fans also pre-ordering the game from its listing were also sent their money back with cancellations.

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