Rez Infinite (PS4) Review

Rez Infinite (PS4) Review 1

Few games can span generations of consoles without losing their luster. Many games try, only to find the gameplay does not stand the test of time. Rez is a game that manages this herculean feat.  First released on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 back in 2001, this is one title that has managed to stay timeless. The latest release, Rez Infinite, not only revives the classic and gives it a fresh coat of paint, it also offers players an entirely new way to play with VR.

Rez Infinite (Ps4) Review 2

Set in a cybernetic world, the player plays a hacker who transports themselves to the virtual world in the form of an avatar. Players will face wave after wave of viruses and firewalls on the ultimate quest to reboot Eden. Ultimately, it is not the narrative that makes Rez so exciting, but the soundtrack and gameplay which make it hard to put down.

Rez Infinite is a remake of the classic game, built from the ground up for the PlayStation 4 and the PSVR setup. The gameplay remains the same as would be seen on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 version of the game, besides some noticeable visual polish that only this generation could allow. Visuals that once looked muddy or faded on previous version of the game, now pop with vibrant crystal clear visuals. Colours are brighter, lines are crisp, and movement is smooth and responsive. If you have never experienced Rez, this is the version you will want to play. Even if you are a veteran to the series, Rez Infinite will reignite your love of this classic franchise by showing it to you in a whole new way.

To experience Rez, you only need to focus on aiming and shooting. Rez remains an on rails experience, transporting you though the levels at a set speed throughout the experience. As you are taken though the brightly coloured cybernetic worlds, you use the X button and the left stick (head movements in VR) to select enemies, with a release of the button fires your shot.  Rez is a game that rewards percussion and the chaining of shots, with things moving so quickly though the world it becomes near impossible if you don’t take advantage of the resources at your disposal. It quickly becomes frantic, too, with enemies flying at you from every direction. It is a challenging experience, but a rewarding one. Once you master the tools and mechanics, trying to improve your score and 100% a stage quickly becomes an enjoyable activity.

Rez Infinite (Ps4) Review 1

Occasionally, you will come across white upgrade boxes that allow your avatar to evolve into different forms.  Each form is more powerful then the last, moving from a silvery figure, to a black and red one sitting in a sphere. Another item, a red pickup, will allow you to unleash an Overdrive power that will release a continuous spray of shots that can easily clear the screen.

At its core, Rez remains a musical experience. With the help of the new Aria X Rez pushes how you can make music with its unique gameplay. Area X removes the rails seen in all other levels in the game. Allowing you to fly around and experience the world in a whole new way. The freedom Rez Infinite allows you is staggering. You can fly around, come close to enemies, and even go fly around giant structures. The world of Area X is your playground to explore and enjoy. Within VR, this is even more immersive, giving a true sense of space and movement. This is a mode that lets you explore the tones of your shots and how they reverberate in the world. Shooting the obstacles to your own rhythm, building a soundscape as you explore the world. It was a mode that was a blast to explore and experience, one that every fan of the series should at least try.

Rez and VR are the perfect fit. It is a world that invites you to get lost in it. The short play time means you can experience the full game over the course of the afternoon, and experience what it is like to go through a truly memorable VR experience. The freedom to look around the world meant I could get a final chance to hit pesky hard to hit enemies, along with never missing the powerups that fall as I pass by. It truly a must own title for PSVR, and one that I am sure to use to demonstrate how the hardware works.

Rez Infinite (Ps4) Review 3

Even with its relatively short playtime Rez Infinite is a game that is a must own for PlayStation VR owners, or people who just love this sort of experience. Rez has never looked more mesmerizing or been this fluid.  The VR adds a new layer on the experience making it one of the most engaging and hypnotic games I have ever played in VR. Rez Infinite is a remake of a classic title, and managed to reinvigorate the franchise in ways I did not think possible. If you skip out on Rez Infinite, you are doing yourself a disservice. Go pick up this game and experience why Rez is a classic for this generation.

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