Loud on Planet X : A New Take On The Rhythm Genre

Loud on Planet X : A New Take On The Rhythm Genre

PS4 is getting a new indie music game with heavy Patapon and Rhythm Heaven influences later this month. Loud on Planet X is a mash-up of two completely different genres – rhythm tap and tower defence. Normally, these genres would never be seen together, but Loud on Planet X promises to make it work with a huge lineup of artists including Tegan and Sara, Metric, Lights and July Talk.

Loud on Planet X was born from the idea of playing classic arcade games on mute while listening to other music. The team behind Loud on Planet X, Pop Soundbox productions, gathered some of their favourite indie artists from the heart of Toronto, and gradually expanded the game’s roster internationally.

Loud On Planet X Brings The Noise To Ps4

“We started by reaching out to bands we love within our vibrant local Toronto scene, helped by some generous introductions from Mike and Jonah of F*cked Up, and Brendan and Justin from Broken Social Scene, who each also contributed original tracks to the score,” the developer said in a PlayStation blog post. “We’ve ended up with 14 great and emerging musical artists that are all excited to be on board, each with their own in-game special attack. It has really helped that most of the bands are big gamers.”

Loud on Planet X’s lead developer was also part of the team that created the hit rhythm platformer Sound Shapes.

The game launches on April 19 for PS4, with a hopeful Vita release in the future.

Check out our interview with one of the minds behind Loud on Planet X, Alex Jensen.

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