Call of Cthulhu Gets New Screenshots

Call of Cthulhu Gets New Screenshots 2

Call of Cthulhu, the videogame adaptation of Chaosium’s pen and paper RPG, revealed two new screenshots today. The images give fans a look at two sinister locations that will be featured in the game.

Call of Cthulhu Gets New Screenshots In Call of Cthulhu, players control Edward Pierce, a detective in 1920’s Boston. Pierce investigates the tragic death of a family on Darkwater Island, a seemingly haunted locale with an equally unnerving name.The released screenshots feature a first look at two areas players will find themselves investigating: an aged, haunting dockyard, and the manor of the deceased family.

Call of Cthulhu Gets New Screenshots 1Call of Cthulhu is branded as an RPG-Investigation title featuring psychological horror and stealth elements. The game is set to release on consoles and PC in 2017.

Rocket League Collector’s Edition Getting Boxed Retail Release

Rocket League Collector's Edition Getting Boxed Retail Release

The long-awaited definitive version of Rocket League, the collector’s edition, is hitting store shelves next month with exclusive content.

The special, disc-based version of Rocket League releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $29.99. The collector’s edition includes three DLC Packs: Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run, as well as four all-new, exclusive vehicles.

Rocket League Collector’s Edition debuts June 24 in Europe and July 5 across North America.

New Gran Turismo Sport Footage Coming Soon

New Gran Turismo Sport Footage Coming Soon 1

Gran Turismo is one of PlayStations longest running franchises. From it’s roots on Sony’s first console to it’s sixth installment in 2013, the series encompasses almost every PlayStation console. Now, we’ll get some information on the next game in the franchise.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi said Polyphony Digital has a lot of Gran Turismo news to share during an event later this month. He added the company will stream “brand-new Gran Turismo Sport footage from an exclusive London event, and sharing new details about the latest entry in Polyphony Digital’s acclaimed racing series.”

New Gran Turismo Sport Footage Coming Soon

He went on to encourage fans to watch the unveiling, either through the official Gran Turismo or PlayStation YouTube channels on May 19. The stream will be hosted by a mix of Gran Turismo and motoring experts, who will cover the following:

  • 10:45am PT – 11:00am PT: Run down of the day’s events, news and a showcase of the brand new GT SPORT trailer.
  • 11:00am PT – 12:30pm PT: Nations Cup Pre-Season Test and the Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships [not necessarily in order]:
    • The Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test
    • The Nations Cup Pre-Season Test
  • 12:30pm BST – 1:00pm PT: Trophy ceremonies [1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each cup]


Edge Of Eternity Gets New Footage

Edge Of Eternity Gets New Footage

Edge of Eternity, the indie tribute to the classic JRPG genre with a unique blend of fantasy and science-fiction, just got a gameplay trailer featuring one of many boss battles.

The game features an active time battle combat system, evolving weapons, a fantasy open world and a branching story.

Edge of Eternity will be available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

SEGA Looking Into Shenmue Remasters

SEGA Looking Into Shenmue Remasters

As a console manufacturer turned third party publisher, Sega has one of the most rich and expansive libraries in the industry. With such a history, many fans have fond memories playing games that opened with that trademarked Sega logo, and hope for the chance to replay those titles on modern consoles. That desire prompted a YouTube post from SEGA Europe about the possibility of an HD re-release of one of the publishers most requested properties: Shenmue.

“With regards to Shenmue 1 and 2 HD, of course we would love to release these tomorrow,” says SEGA Community Manager Dan Sheridan in the video. “Sadly, it’s not as simple as porting the games to the current platforms, as we would need to ensure that any HD remaster lived up to the quality of the original titles.”

Rumours of an HD remake for Shenmue have circulated for years, but with Shenmue III now officially in development, the remakes are more probable than ever.

“We’d love to do it and are currently investigating how to make it a reality,” says Sheridan.

Shenmue is an open-world action-adventure franchise first published on the Dreamcast in 1999. While the sequel found it’s way to the Xbox in 2001, the franchise fell into obscurity following poor sales despite its cliffhanger ending.

During its time on Kickstarter, Shenmue III became the most-funded game of all time, generating $6.3 million from backers, actually breaking the site for a brief period of time. The game is officially set to release December 2017, and it’s a big deal.

The Division is Ubisoft’s Biggest New IP Launch

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There’s no denying Ubisoft’s The Division is a successful property. Generating more than $330 million worldwide in its first five days, it’s the fastest-selling Ubisoft game of all time, with one of the most active communities in the company’s history.

According to Ubisoft’s financial presentation, The Division boasts a registered player base of 9.5 million users, each of whom play for about three hours per day on average.

The Division is Ubisoft's Biggest New IP Launch

Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot said in his presentation both The Division and Far Cry Primal were much more successful than anticipated.

“We ended [fiscal 2016] on a very positive note, having effectively executed our plan… The performances delivered by The Division and Far Cry Primal exceeded our expectations, we continued our major come-back in the multiplayer segment, and we saw a significant increase in player engagement levels for our games.”

The French developer also showed off a list of their biggest IP launches ever, with 2014’s Destiny taking the runner up position behind The Division.

The Division is Ubisoft's Biggest New IP Launch 1

This comes just days after news broke about a possible hostile takeover of Ubisoft by the tech giant Vivendi.