Ampere Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Review

Ampere Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Review 2
Ampere Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Review 4
Ampere: Unravel
Company: Ampere
Type: Wireless Charger
MSRP: $174
CGM Editors Choice

I’ve had my eyes on Ampere Wireless Chargers for quite a while now. I can’t tell you how long I’ve kept their products in my cart wondering if the high price point is worth it. In trying out the Unravel AW+ Wireless Charging Pad for review I have not been disappointed and urge Apple fans to add this to their holiday lists.

This device is marketed for “Apple Super Users” which is what I’d call myself. Currently on my desk are the Airpods, two iPhones and an Apple Watch. With this slick charger I can now charge my Airpods, Apple Watch and iPhone all at the same time, hassle free. One of the biggest gripes I have with my Apple Watch is having to have an extra charger cord on me to charge it, this extra cord takes up valuable real estate in my dock. Well no more thanks to this handy dandy 3 in 1 charger. The less cables I need the happier I am. The only loose wire I like to keep around is myself.

Ampere Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Review
Ampere Unravel

I’ve wanted to rid myself of as many cables as possible when moving into my new office over the summer. Prior to having this portable charger I was using a dinky wireless charger I thought was going to catch fire and had to manually plug in the airpods and watch like a regular person. My desk is already a mess of chords, and I didn’t want to keep adding to it. Now via the power of one USB-C Charger I can power my entire lineup of devices as well if needed I can switch that cord right into my Macbook (or vice-versa). This is where the higher price point comes from. This device comes with a 30W charger, which is what comes with the MacBook Pro. This super powered USB-C PD adapter can power two 10W wireless charging panels and the Apple Watch all at the same time with no drop in speed.

If you need to save on room you can fold the charging pad up to allow for either one or two devices to charge making it super compact. You can even fold it into a cute triangle shape. I like this design much better than some other chargers on the market with a more stiff design like the Newdery or Belkin 3-1s. This one is very practical. It’s always great to just throw down my devices any which way and 98% of the time they start charging. I’ve found a lot of wireless chargers on the cheaper end take forever to fidget with before they work and turn my device into molten lava. I’ve had 0 problems with the Ampere device when it comes to doing what is advertised. Charging, fast and safely.

Ampere Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Review
Ampere Unravel

The Unravel AW+ Wireless Charging Pad comes in 5 different colours and 6 different PD adapter settings. There’s also two travel cases available, a Small one only for the device or a Large one that will house the PD Adapter. The case is nice but it is rather bulky. I’d probably just leave it at home the next time I travel in 2035 to save on precious cargo room in my backpack.

Now the higher price point might put people off, but I do find the device incredibly sleek and practical. It’s brought me zero stress which is worth the extra bucks in my mind. I’ve had so many wireless chargers crap out on me or only work with certain devices or if the device was placed a certain way. The Ampere 3 in 1 has no problems reading my slew of devices and the magnet on the Apple Watch is a fantastic feature. This is a great device for both heavy power tech users or someone that finds themselves sharing chargers with their roommates or loved ones.

Ampere Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Review
Ampere Unravel

Before buying ask yourself, do you really need three devices charging at all times? If so, I’d go all in on this gadget. It not only looks better than a mess of wires it’s incredibly cool and you’d probably be shocked how many times you feel the need to charge. 

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