GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses Review

GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses Review 5
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6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses
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Working from home has made the constant blue glow of the monitor a necessity, but that light takes a toll on your eyes. GUNNAR, with their specialized blue-light filter glasses, having been at this for a while now, and have built up a solid reputation and collection of frames that meet gamers and the casual screen users’ needs. With the release of their latest Ubisoft collaboration, the GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses are now here, and we had a chance to see if all the hype was warranted, and if these limited edition frames live up the flashy style they promise. 

From gaming to the daily grind, eye strain is a real problem, and one that only gets worse the more you sit in front of that screen. This is why blue-light filtering glasses can be helpful, and do help take away some strain your eyes take on a day-to-day basis. From eSports teams, to the casual screen user, the glasses they offer have, from our experiences, been a great help to reduce eye-strain. We have even looked at a past Ubisoft Collaboration, with their Assassin’s Creed Valhalla frames released last fall. 

Gunnar 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses Review
GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses

But these frames stand out from the other frames on offer, these are based specifically on Rainbow Six Siege operator, Ash. Offering a wide, rimless lens and tight-fitting frame, these feel straight out of the game, giving it a sleek look that feels very different from the other offerings GUNNAR has in their lineup. The company stuck very close to the glasses seen in the game. There is no branding for the game anywhere on the actual glasses, but the attention to detail while still making something that feels uniquely GUNNAR is striking. If it were not for the yellow lenses, these could have been pulled right from the Rainbow Six Siege universe.

The glasses come with a limited edition set of extras, adding to the value on offer with these frames. While most GUNNARS come in a simple pouch, the GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses come complete with a Rainbow Six Siege branded pouch, and a metal hard case that will keep your new glasses safe while not in use. The metal case has a subtle but well-placed “Ash” logo and words, with an ammo crate style aesthetic. I don’t think it offers much protection beyond a standard glasses case, but the style is a nice touch. The pouch, also feels like GUNNAR went the extra mile, giving it all a unique but fun style that fans of the games will enjoy.

Gunnar 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses Review
GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses

Beyond the extras, the glasses feel just as solid as you would expect from GUNNAR. They deliver a strong build throughout the frame and a sleek floating lens look. The nose ridge provides ample support with the overall design offering great coverage. The GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition glasses feel great, even over long gaming sessions, and having them as my go-to glasses for work has helped the overall strain I suffer on a daily basis. 

I have outlined my thoughts on GUNNARs as a whole in a few articles now, but this has not changed. The blue-light reduction glasses have proven to help me during my daily work, and despite the “gimmick” feel by many of the claims these sort of glasses offer, I have to say they do help. I often find when I don’t wear them, I do get headaches by around noon. The strain on my eyes just from doing my daily work at the magazine can take a toll, and that is even more noticeable when I forget to wear the glasses after days of relief from that strain. The key is finding frames that are comfortable enough to wear over long periods of time. Thankfully, The GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition glasses were, for me, that comfortable. But as with anything you plan to wear on your face, that can be subjective and you will often need to sort out what sort of frames best work for your needs.

Gunnar 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses Review 7
GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses

The GUNNAR 6-Siege Ash Edition glasses offer a great way to jump into GUNNAR. Costing $99.99, they offer more in box than many other frames around the same price. They feel great, look great, and the attention to detail throughout the offering feels like a lot of care went into each aspect of the packaging. With a great hard case, and a rather fun microfiber pouch, these frames are a terrific option for people suffering eye strain, or just looking to find something to prevent the issue. With a great Rainbow Six style, the 6-Siege Ash Edition Glasses are a no-brainer for fans of the game, or anyone who just wants a great pair of blue-light filtering glasses. 

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