Klipsch The Fives Review

Retro Style, Authentic Sound

Klipsch The Fives Review 5
Klipsch The Fives Review

Klipsch The Fives

Brutalist Review Style (Version 2)

Few speakers come along that equal the style or sound quality of The Fives from Klipsch. There are countless speakers and soundbars that hit the market every month. They all offer a wide range of features and price points, but even with this vast assortment of options, most will ultimately fall flat. Many try to do too much, or simply can’t do the one task I expect from a speaker—sound good. Plugging in Klipsch’s The Fives, I expected this outcome, boy was I mistaken.

The simple looking powered speaker system has a retro flare throughout the design. They are deceptively complex in the sheer level of features resting under the hood. At first glance you would think they are a simple pair of stereo speakers, but you would be mistaken. With the power of Bluetooth, and HDMI ARC, The Fives can take the place of your desktop speakers, your phones sound device, or even your high end soundbar, and look and sound great in each role.

Sound Profile

It should be known that while I love the flexibility of most soundbars, I never found they offer the power or performance to give a quality audio experience. So, Klipsch has me interested when I read all the things The Fives could offer. They were a standard looking stereo speaker system, that would take the place of my sound bar, what is not to like? It felt forward thinking, giving the classic audio feeling to the new audio experience, and I could not think of a better way to merge the two.

“I was impressed by just how versatile these speakers were.”

The sound produced by The Fives feels like a blend between the scale of what many American audio companies try to create and the European more nuanced soundscape. It brings forward a complex wall of sound, while never losing the subtle detail you could miss on other, less refined brands. It is hard to say if Klipsch have completely refined this audio approach just yet, but during testing, I was impressed by just how versatile these speakers were, moving from complex audio to movies without making many sacrifices in the process.

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Klipsch The Fives


Klipsch builds quality audio equipment, and as such there is a premium when you look at this brand. The Fives definitely carry this concept forward, costing around $699 USD, so these will not be an impulse buy for most. But even though they have a hefty price tag, the quality is there to make the price justifiable. With the attention to detail in the way The Fives are built, you will get what you pay for with these speakers.

“The audio profile and the versatility of The Fives put them in a league all their own.”

There are many speakers that will cost less. With brands like TCL, Pioneer or even Sonos offering less expensive options, few feel qualified to stand in the same room as what Klipsch are offering here. The audio profile and the versatility of The Fives put them in a league all their own, giving new ways to experience the audio you love, from all the devices you already own.


I have talked about the versatility of The Fives, and this can’t be overstated. Klipsch has given these speakers the ability to connect to almost anything you currently own and keep the audio sounding fantastic. With an HDMI ARC for your TV setup, along with RCA, 3.5 mm aux, digital optical and USB inputs, most hard-wired audio sources are covered. For people that love mobile audio, The Fives bring with them Bluetooth 5.0, and there is also the ability to hook up an external subwoofer should you need the lower frequencies to really make your room shake.

If this sounds like the makings for the audiophile’s dream speakers, things don’t end there. Klipsch have included a phono preamp for the people that love vinyl making these the ideal centre for all your audio listening needs. They are easy to set up also, giving new life to the media and equipment you already own.


There is something special about the look of classic speaker equipment, and Klipsch taps into this love with The Fives. They feel like a speaker out of space and time, with the features we all need in the modern world. They keep the same classic elegance that many long-time audio lovers strive for with retro equipment. These speakers feel as much as home next to my flat screen, as they do next to my 1970s Kenwood speaker system, and that is astounding.

“The controls are easy to understand while not taking away the classic elegance that has gone into every aspect of the design.”

Even the controls on The Fives feel retro inspired, the large dials with notable tactile feedback feel fantastic to use. Sitting on the top of the speakers, the controls are easy to understand while not taking away the classic elegance that has gone into every aspect of the design. There is also a remote in the box, should you want to mound these speakers on the wall, although there is no visible volume indicator anywhere but next to the dials, so make note when sorting out where to place these speakers.

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Klipsch The Fives

The Sound

I was skeptical about how these speakers would fare with the vast assortment of audio sources I could pump though the speakers, yet after I have tested everything, they exceeded all expectations. From the heart pounding action of Spiral to the complex sounds of some of my favourite bands, these speakers managed to deliver sound that felt detailed, filled with character, and far from the flat digital sound I was anticipating.

“The Fives from Klipsch have a great balance of features in a package that few can deny looks stunning.”

While it will not fill an aircraft hangar with sound or let you hear the minute details heard in $10,000 headphones, The Fives strike a healthy balance of volume, character and depth. They put most wireless speakers to shame while giving a nice audio experience that will please most people’s ears. Delivering both the booming explosions for movies and games and the quiet moments in all forms of audio, Klipsch have struck the perfect balance.

A pricey offering that looks to be the new centre of audio in your home, The Fives from Klipsch have a great balance of features in a package that few can deny looks stunning. From the range of features to the ease of setup, if you are looking for your next audio purchase and want to spend a bit extra, The Fives are the speakers to beat.

Final Thoughts

Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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