Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Review

Ring Doorbell Pro 2
Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Review 4
Ring Doorbell Pro 2
Company: Ring
Type: Doorbell
MSRP: $249.99
CGM Editors Choice

While security has been a standard that homeowners have been searching for—for decades—the emergence of smart-home technology has taken security from alarms and police dispatch to cameras and phone alerts at a more and more reasonable price. Additionally, these devices found at Ring and other companies around the world add features beyond security that diversify their uses and cover more consumers’ needs than ever before.

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is the smart doorbell company’s newest innovation of their original design, with more features and incredible user experiences than ever before. Between the better-quality video, Alexa integration, and top-of-the-line form factor and usage, the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is easily the most useful smart doorbell on the market.

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From the start, installation is a breeze for anyone who is used to using some tools here and there. While this model requires wiring into your original doorbell hardware and sometimes has issues with your current in-home chime, it’s still incredibly simple to set up and has in-depth directions to help anyone who isn’t used to performing this sort of installation.

My last concern with the actual installation is the temperature levels that Ring purports this unit to work at, with is tapping out below -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Living in Northern Michigan, there are regularly times when for a month or more in the dead of winter the temps reach that and often get colder, so while I cannot speak to the unit’s workability in the frigid temperatures for now, I believe it is worth mentioning that for those also living in the cold North.

“The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is easily the most useful smart doorbell on the market.”

Post-installation, the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 really takes off. The video and audio quality are incredibly impressive, often feeling like your using FaceTime on your doorstep. Reaching 1536p graphical fidelity and including features like their state-of-the-art Head-to-Toe HD+ video, you’re seeing everything you need to in the highest quality you can find on the market right now. Additionally, the night vision allows for similarly crystal-clear video in bad weather and in the nighttime hours as well.

From there, motion detection allows for notifications on your smartphone, which allows you to always keep an eye on your porch, regardless of where you’re at when the intruder (or mail carrier) reaches your front door. With customisable distance of up to 30 feet away, you really can see a lot of what is happening beyond your door as well. The Bird’s Eye View feature allows you to see more than ever before, while Ring’s All-Weather Accuracy keeps your notifications from going off the hook during storms.

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While it requires a subscription, the use of Alexa to greet people at your door or have conversations on your behalf is a really cool feature that I wish came standard, but is great for those willing to pay extra, regardless. With Ring Protect, you can also receive recording capabilities, better-quality notifications, an extended warranty, and People-Only Mode, which limits your notifications to when your Ring Doorbell Pro 2 specifically sees a person. All of these amazing features are controlled and customized through the Ring App, where you get your real-time notifications, live view picture from the front of your house, connection between all of your Ring-branded devices, and much, much more.

“The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 has a much sleeker design while not limiting any of the available features.”

Coming in much smaller than other units, the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 has a much sleeker design while not limiting any of the available features. Looking better than ever, with a neutral colour scheme that will look incredible on anyone’s front door, this silver bombshell looks and works great regardless of the consumer’s chosen decor. The smaller size also makes it easier for installation in areas that are sometimes smaller than you can find in some houses, which means you won’t be stuck with an awkward-looking beefy unit in the front of your house in your small door jamb.

The sleek form-factor of the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 sees a smaller unit than previous iterations, while boosting the uses and keeping things smooth and easy while offering in-depth looks at everything happening at your fingertips.

Easily the best model Ring has put on the market, and arguably one of the most useful and highest quality units you can find on the market at-large, the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 raises the mark for home security doorbells and Ring continues to prove they are at the forefront of the smart home market in several areas.

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