SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse Review

SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse Review 2
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SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse
Company: SteelSeries
Type: Mouse
MSRP: $168.99
CGM Editors Choice
| May 29, 2012

The Diablo mouse is a great example of an aggressively licensed product that is still a must own gadget. Much like the Diablo Headset, SteelSeries has constructed a mouse that looks like it was wrenched straight from the world of Diablo. It is dark, with a glow that gives the feeling that something evil lives within the mouse. The mouse itself is light yet feels good in the hand, it has a great build quality and the braided nylon cord ensures it not only does not get tangled but that it will not suffer from many cord related issues. It has an easy DPI button that allows quick toggling to a max of 5000 counts per inch. The DPI switch is smartly placed, since it is hard to accidently hit during avid gaming sessions.

The scroll wheel is another nice touch. It looks like it was forged from rock, still glowing from the heat. It is easy to use and the fact it looks stunning is an example of the care that went into the design of the mouse. This mouse is made for Diablo III making all the buttons on it perfectly placed and easy to assign to different aspects of the game. Depending on what way the mouse is held some buttons may be harder to reach. But since these are easily adjusted that makes them ideal for secondary spells or abilities with the easy to reach ones perfect for primary functions.

The mouse is supposed to allow for 10 million clicks per switch making it much higher than other comparable mice. When playing Diablo this feels like it makes a difference. The game responded very quickly to the input given by the mouse allowing for actions to be performed quickly with little lag or issue. Games such as
StarCraft would also benefit from a mouse with this level of ability so it is an investment that is not restricted to one particular game.

The mouse not only looks great, the feel of the mouse is equally well suited to longer play sessions. It has a smooth feel that is easy on the hands and the design allows for use with right or left handed gamers. It felt comfortable for use in everyday situations (Windows, word, etc.) making it an ideal replacement for the aging mouse that may be at your desk.

The Diablo Mouse from SteelSeries is a high quality mouse that is built for the hardcore Diablo player, but it fits comfortably at the side of any gamer looking to upgrade. It is fast, fluid and great to look at. From the build quality to the design, this is a mouse that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most critical of gamers.

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