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SteelSeries Prime+

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SteelSeries is known for their high-performance gaming gear. Be it in the home or on the tournament scene, they have long stood as some of the best peripherals you can buy. Now with their new Prime lineup, and the new Prime+ gaming mouse they continue to impress, delivering some of the best looking and working gear all, hitting all the boxes to make it some of the best gear you can buy.

At first glance, the new Prime+ could be mistaken for a standard office mouse, with SteelSeries delivering a subtle and understated design. But the mouse does hold some secrets, with programmable customization, a sneaky OLED screen on the bottom of the device, and an extremely fast sensor making this one of the more exciting offerings despite it’s simple look.

Steelseries Prime+ Mouse Review

Prime+ Comfort and Design

As with most of the Prime gaming range, the Prime+ feels good in the hands and on the desk. The black plastic, and minimal coloured lighting make it easily functional at home and at work. The size is nearly identical to that of its wireless brother at 4.9 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches and is light at only 2.5 ounces without the cable.

The Prime+ continues with the ergonomics SteelSeries has long been known for. With the simple design and solid yet comfortable construction, it is a mouse that you can lose yourself using. It is light enough that it glides across surfaces, and even though it is wired, the SteelSeries Prime+ was always a pleasure to use while testing and felt in line with some of the best mice CGMagazine has ever tested.

I have always been a fan of how SteelSeries mice feel, and the Prime+ is no different. The buttons on the left-hand side have a good click, but never feel in the way when not in use, and despite having no rubber or other soft material on the sides, I never felt my thumb uncomfortable as I worked on a project or dove into some CS Go.

Steelseries Prime+ Mouse Review

SteelSeries Prime+ Features

As I mentioned, the Prime+ looks simple at first glance, but the company has managed to pack a deceptively large amount of features in the sleek body. First, as mentioned above, the Prime+ has an easy-to-use OLED display on the bottom of the mouse. This makes it easy to change settings with a simple press of a button.

While most mice need you to jump into the software suite to adjust, the Prime+ lets you change the settings for the DPI, polling rate, lift-off distance and illumination all within the OLED screen. While I am a fan of the SteelSeries software package, and find it easy to use, even in a pinch, for anyone on the go, this makes setting up their mouse easy, and a great addition to the mouse.

“The SteelSeries Prime+ was always a pleasure to use while testing and felt in line with some of the best mice CGMagazine has ever tested.”

The overall feel of the buttons and scroll wheel is satisfactory. The buttons have a great sharp feel that gives the right level of satisfaction from each click, and the scroll has the right level of resistance to make most actions feel satisfying and precise.

“The Prime+ also features the TrueMove Pro+ optical sensor that delivers up to 18,000 DPI, making it precise and a joy to use at home or at work.”

The Prime+ brings with it optical magnetic switches that as I mentioned above, give a satisfying click when in use. They are also rated to last around 100 million clicks, so you will not need to worry about buying a new mouse anytime soon. The Prime+ also features the TrueMove Pro+ optical sensor that delivers up to 18,000 DPI, making it precise and a joy to use at home or at work.

If there is anything I was a little apprehensive about was the lack of an on-the-fly DPI button, since I like to adjust my settings based on what I am doing. Yes, the OLED screen allows for all settings to be changed easily, but when jumping between apps or games, I felt this was a bit of a hassle. Not a deal breaker by any means, but something to keep in mind.

Steelseries Prime+ Mouse Review

SteelSeries Prime+ Gaming Companion

Jumping into a range of games, the Prime+ mouse performed as one would expect from SteelSeries. From the age-old joy of Diablo III to some Call of Duty: Warzone, the Prime+ felt solid and responsive in any genre of game. The sensor was consistently precise, and it felt like the perfect partner when diving into gaming after a long day of work.

Even in the fast-paced world of Fortnite with the frantic kinetic action, I never felt like the mouse held me back from squeaking out enough kills to not regret all my choices. If I missed shots or could not rank in the top-10, I knew it was purely skill and not the tools I had before me, and that is a good, if not soul crushing feeling.

Delivering fantastic performance, a refined striking look, and a fantastic price, the SteelSeries Prime+ is one of the best eSports centric mice currently on the market. It delivers great features, an amazing sensor, and the OLED screen is a great addition to an already fantastic package. If you are looking for a wired mouse to take into battle, it is hard to beat what the Prime+ has to offer.

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Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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