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DJMax Respect (PS4) Review

DJMax Respect (PS4) Review

The DJMax series has been around for around 14 years, but for the most part, the games have gone unnoticed thanks in part to many

Trackmania Turbo (PC) Review 7

Trackmania Turbo (PC) Review

I really miss silly racing games. What feels like an eon ago we had a mountain of Cruis’n iterations, San Francisco Rush games for days,

Pixels (Movie) Review 8

Pixels (Movie) Review

Well, it’s been another year so it’s time for another lazy Adam Sandler comedy. This time it seemed as though the Sand-man’s new brain fart

Stage Select Jumps to a New Level 8

Stage Select Jumps to a New Level

The second annual Stage Select Gaming Expo took place on June 6th in Toronto. For their second outing, a new location was decided upon at

Lost Orbit (PS4) Review 6

Lost Orbit (PS4) Review

That Indie Vibe Pixelnauts is a small, Canadian indie studio that has been carving out a quirky little identity for itself this console generation. We

Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review 6

Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review

Super Galaxy Squadron evokes some of the very best of arcade shoot-em-ups. Bright colors burst on the screen, ships race frantically in the air, bullets,

Gauntlet 2014 (PC) Review 2

Gauntlet 2014 (PC) Review

There’s something to be said for an arcade-style button-masher. I barely spent any time in my local arcade, due to my largely rural upbringing and

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